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In recent years I have been embracing my arms. LOL you use your arms to embrace things so I am embracing my embrace. Pun humor. I have always been self conscious about the size and flabbiness of my arms. Often referred to as “mom arms.” When you live in a city that is 75 degrees or more, you can’t wear a long sleeved shirt everyday. Plus, there are so many beautiful clothing items that sans sleeves, how can I let my insecurities keep me from reaching my full potential? I am obsessed with Society Plus’ Chicest of them all vest, in this season’s hottest color: hunter green.

I partnered with Society+ to bring you a few looks featuring their feminine pieces but styled up in a more urban indie way. A few weeks ago I showcased how you can wear an elegant long tutu with Converse. This week, I style their Chicest of Them All vest that could also pass as dress.

Society+ Chicest of Them All Vest
Society plus chicest of them all hunter vest Society+ chicest of them all vestSociety+ chicest of them all vest

Southern California spring time is the best time to visit. There are just a few months between cold nights and scorching hot days; and that is spring. Plus size fat and curvy women have long felt the pressures of society to hide their skin. Societal pressures to cover up your body as a way to blend in and not attract attention to yourself. When the days are in the 80s and 90s it almost torture to expect people to wear a long sleeved shirt or layers.

You probably don’t realize it but fat people endure extreme lengths of discomfort to appease those who may stare, make fun of or gawk at a person’s body. Ever wonder where the stereotype that all fat people smell came from? I don’t know, maybe because plus size men and women feel the need to cover up even in the summer makes us sweat. Sweat obviously mixes with the natural occurring bacteria on a person’s body to make BO. It happens to everyone, yet fat people are specifically singled out as being smelly.

Embracing my fat arms has been a long journey and one that I am not so sure I am 100% comfortable with. Just this weekend I went out in a sleeveless crop top and all I could think about was how I should pose so my arms don’t look as round. But, I am proud of myself for rocking it regardless of my insecurities.

Society plus chicest of them all hunter green vest Society plus chicest of them all hunter green vest

Baring my mom arms with pride

Becoming comfortable with my large arms has been a challenge for me since I was a kid. I remember in high school I had a friend who used to grab my arms and giggle with just how squishy they were. I don’t think she meant for it to be hurtful, she honestly felt like they were fun to squeeze. And I guess being not-so-secure high schooler I was, I would rather have a person laugh with me than laugh at me.

Now at 25 years old, I find that baring my “mom arms” is less of a topic of discussion but the thought of how they squish against my sides still resides in my head. This vest is just too beautiful to pass up, and of course there are ways to style it where your arms don’t show. But, my arms deserve to see the light. I deserve to feel beautiful, and to enter a room with the dramatic billow of a knee-length vest. What I don’t deserve? To feel sweaty due to my insecurities.

Society plus chicest of them all hunter green vest Society plus chicest of them all hunter green vest

While I have been wearing vests for years none of them quite live up the billowing drama of Society Plus’ Chicest of Them All Vest. These other vest looks can help you feel comfortable with baring your arms:

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  1. Often we’re so much more critical of our own body than others ever could be. You have great arms and a great style! Love the pictures, too.

    1. Thanks! It’s totally true. My friends will be like “I hate X about myself” and I am like “What I didn’t even notice that on you until you brought it up.”

    1. Thanks! It comes in pink and grey too. I figured hunter green would be the easiest to pair with my wardrobe since everything is already grey lol

  2. I never know how to style vests – you rocked it! And I have the same issue with my arms, but you know what? I didn’t notice yours! I’m gonna go out and buy some vests! 🙂

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