Korean skin care travel kits to take on your next trip

Korean travel set Korean skin care travel set review

I have been on a travel binge since January of this year. 2017 has proven to be a year full of new adventures from onsens in Japan to getting chased by goblins at Gringotts in Orlando it has been a ride. Now, I am back in Orlando for work and feeling this southern humidity affect my skin. During my trip to Japan, gnawing on grilled squids and Tokyo’s dry air could have left my complexion a combination of greasy and flaky. Luckily, months of consecutive overnight trips have me prepared.

Review of Korean Skin Care Travel kits: Benton, Bombee Honey, Nooni, and Dear by Enprani

Before my trip to Orlando I started testing out Korean skin care products. The wonders of Korean skin care has only recently started to creep its way into American beauty routines. If you google Korean beauty routines you will find product reviews and video demonstrations of how to apply the variety of products.
Korean skincare travel sets

Not only is there a sequence of WHEN to apply each product, but also a method of HOW to apply it to your skin. Since switching from a Western American beauty routine to a Korean skin routine, I find my skin to be more even and has less breakouts.

Travel Korean skin care sets

Asian skincare routines focus on nourishing and hydrating your skin for long term replenishment. It’s about doing more with gentler ingredients to keep your skin healthy. Where as western skincare is more about healing damage done to your skin throughout the days and  years.

During my travels, I tested four different sample sets from reputable Korean beauty brands.

Four Korean skin care travel sets to stay radiant

  • Benton Honest travel set
  • Bombee Honey sample kit
  • Nooni deep sea salt cleansing samples
  • Dreams Come True bounce cheese cream moisturizing sample

These are my honest opinions on each of these sample product sets and how well they held up during my travels to San Diego, Orlando, and Japan. I did not break from my usual routine of Toner, Essence, Serum (or lotion), cream etc.

Benton Honest travel set review

Foaming cleanser is my favorite. The Benton Honest travel kit is the only travel set that provided an eye cream. I loved the cute and informative packaging that made it easy for a Westerner to understand what each product was for in the Korean beauty routine.

Unlike the other Korean skin care sets I brought with me on my travels, the Benton Honest set had a light texture that made it great for layering moisture in places that are hot and humid. The essence provided in the Benton travel set had a consistency that matched the highly esteemed Snail Bee high concentrated essence.

Benton Honest travel cleanser

Dollar for dollar, the Benton Honest travel set is a Korean skin care routine for dummies. It is so easy to use and the measurements are perfect to keep in your toiletries bag for a comfortable flight free of oily airplane face.

The Benton Honest travel kit comes with:

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey sample kit review

Papa Recipe’s Bombee sample kit makes a great miniature set for traveling. For those that are taking a short weekend trip or have a bag packed to the brim with other gear (clothes, camera etc.) this mini travel kit is for you. Papa Recipe’s Bombee Honey sample kit has all of the things you need to get started with Korean skin care on the road.

My favorite is the mini toner that lasted a whole week in Japan! The Bombee Honey kit was the smallest of the travel sample kits. I wouldn’t recommend it for longer trips or adventures where you are showering and moisturizing often.

Bombe honey

Bombee Honey’s kid comes with a lotion rather than an essence. My research tells me that a lotion is a lot like an essence but slightly heavier. I loved the silky texture of the cream cleanser and would totally buy a full size version of it.

Bombee Honey sample kit comes with:

  • Lotion
  • Moisture cleansing foam
  • Toner
  • Cream (far too thick for my skin)

Nooni deep sea salt cleansing samples

Out of all of the sample kits I received from Meme Box, the Nooni set was the only one to provide a oil based cleanser. As an American just getting started with Korean skin care (about 4 months into it), oil cleansers were scary and are not the greatest thing alive! Americans are taught that oils on your face cause breakouts. This is actually not the case.

Korean beauty routines emphasize double cleansing, meaning you cleanse with an oil first and then with a water based cleanser. The oil cleanser helps lift deep seeded dirt in the pores and also helps remove makeup. When immediately followed by a water based cleanser (like the ones we use on a regular basis) it helps moisturize while also deep cleansing and removing impurities. Yay no more impurities!

Korean skin care travel kit Nooni

Nooni’s Snowflake Cleanser is the equivalent to the oil based cleanser. It feels a lot like coconut oil and is AWESOME at removing makeup. I wear waterproof mascara and this cleanser takes it right off.

Nooni’s Deep Sea from the East Sea set comes with:

Dear by Enprani bounce cheese cream moisturizing samples

Dear by Enprani was my least favorite of the sample kits I took with me on my travels. It does best in climates that are dry and sapping of the skin’s natural radiance. So if you are staying in a city where the winds are cold and sharp, this set can provide some moisture. I have no idea what bounce cheese is, but it sounded cool and the sample kit was like $5.

Dear by Enprani’s sample kit also came with a nice hefty bottle of toner! I did appreciate the toner but without a cleanser or essence it seemed like it was lacking in comparison to the other. The creams are heavy and sticky for those with extremely dry skin. The Tone-up cream has a slight pink color and is sparkly. For the first two days in Orlando that I was using it, I kept looking at my hands like “Why is there glitter on it?”

Dear by Enprani Korean toner

My suggestion for the Dear by Enprani kit would be to use it at night before you sleep. The bounce cheese cream moisturizer is thick and sticky and feels a lot like a sleeping pack. For other Americans just getting started with Korean skin care, a sleeping pack is a night time moisturizer meant to seal in the hydration while you sleep and should be rinsed off in the morning. That’s how thick this cream is.

Dear by Enprani comes with:

  • Tone-up cheese cream
  • Bounce cheese cream moisturizer
  • Moistfull booskin toner

Sample sets make for great travel kits! Sample sets take up far less room in your suitcase than a 3 oz. travel tube. If you are just getting started with Korean skin care and beauty, sample sets let you try before you commit to a full size product. Though, I must warn you that you will be obsessed once you do. I have yet to find too many Korean skin products I truly hate.


    1. My skin has been much clearer since I switched to Korean skin products from western products. I think the biggest difference is in the toners. I used to use Clean n Clear astringent and it would burn and dry out my face making it feel tight. I thought that is what toners were supposed to do. Then I switched to Skin Food’s sake toner and it is more like a water that lightly hydrates.

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