10 Plus Size Indie Boho Hipster Bloggers to follow in 2017

plus size hipster bloggers Plus size indie hipster bloggers Plus size indie hipster bloggers

Plus size fashion is only just starting to blossom. While the plus size blogging community is like 30% pin up style, 40% feminine preppy style, and 20% urban, I am still waiting for plus size indie, boho, hipster style to take off.

We are finally seeing more plus brands embracing trendy and urban styles that is affordable to the average person. Not everyone has $60 to spend on a plus size blouse that comparably looks like 54 year-old Linda in HR’s shirt she wears every Monday. Yes, that was an Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season two reference.

In my search to find plus size indie style inspiration, I know there are a few bloggers that embrace flowing silhouettes, mesh and lace, and are not afraid of a chunky shoe. Here are my 1o favorite hipster style plus size bloggers of 2017.

10 Plus Size Indie Boho Hipster Bloggers of 2017

These women are curvy, plus size, in between and embracing their indie style. While Nadia and Gabi Fresh will always be a plus size fashion household name, these bloggers are making waves!

1. Joi Smith from In My Joi

Joi Smith from In My Joi can accessorize like it’s no one’s business. In her latest PSOOTD she features a black fedora with OVERALLS!

In my Joi

I have been on the hunt for a pair of cute overalls like these forever. Joi braved the uncertain and bought these distressed overalls online.

2. Ragini from A Curious Fancy 

Ragini from A Curious Fancy really helped me embrace the idea not dressing in what “flatters” you. Her whole blog is dedicated to vintage and eccentric items. How cute is this fox sweater with a peter pan collar??

Ragini a Curious Fancy

Rather than the minimalist or bold visions other plus size bloggers throw together, Ragini really reigns as queen of plus size vintage.

3. Liz from P.S. It’s Fashion

Liz from P.S. It’s Fashion is paving the way for plus size women in the form of the written word. Beyond her body positive fashion blog, Liz also contributes to several online magazines with op ed pieces of body love and the industry.

Liz PS Its fashion

What I love about Liz’s look featured here? Those mirrored sunglasses and las chanclas! In the spirit of dressing for yourself and not always trying to attain “pretty,” this look is relaxed and casual. I mean her pants have smiley faces on them for peet’s sake.

4. Tammy from Embellished Dame

Tammy from Embellished Dame is a Houston plus size blogger that embraces her curves with body skimming dresses and sheer lace numbers. I love how bold Tammy is with her looks. She can go from a indie top like this lace body suit, to a striped sweater layered under a vest and you can see yourself wearing both of her outfits.

Tammy Embellished Dame

Tammy does a lot of product reviews in the plus size fashion industry so you can find out how that Fashion Nova body suit you have in your cart actually fits.

5. Natalie from Natalie Means Nice

I’ve been following Natalie Drue from Natalie Means Nice since before I even started blogging. I remember being on Tumblr scrolling through the endless number of thigh gaps and fair skinned “nerds” thinking wow they’re so beautiful. Then, like a bird flying at my face there was a picture of Natalie in a dark dress and dark lipstick and I was in awe at how against the grain she was.

Natalie Means Nice

Or as Natalie likes to put it, a “foul-mouthed lady from the south.” This plus size indie babe is Fall and October outfit goals. Natalie is unapologetic about her love for her curves and her outfits show it.

6. Natalie from Shameless Creature (AKA Hentai Hunny)

I recently discovered Natalie from Shameless Creature while perusing Instagram for plus size hipster looks for my day-to-day. You may know her better as Hentai Hunny on Tumblr and IG. If there was a plus size blogger I wish I could embody more of it is Natalie.

Hentai Hunny Shameless Creature

She pushes the boundaries of fat acceptance by taking part in a lot of skin baring trends, tight tops,  and short shorts. She is an Indie queen by far.

7. Natalie from Natalie in the City 

Natalie from Natalie in the City is outfit inspo for the girl that wants a no-fuss attainable style. She works in a lot of affordable pieces from stores we all have in our hometown (like hello, Dress barn? Totally forgot that place existed). Natalie can rock a bodycon dress just as hard as she can a denim jacket with athletic shoes.

Natalie in the city

My favorite looks by Natalie are her casual outfits. I own similar pieces she has in her closet so it’s great to get some new ways to style by seeing them on someone else. By the way, she may have been part of the reason I jumped on the denim jacket trend.

8. Margot from Margot Meanie

Margot from Margot Meanie is what you would get if Wednesday Adams took an interest in fashion instead of torturing her younger brother. Margot’s looks are a wonderful blend of alternative and feminine indie girl.

Margot Meanie

Did I mention Margot’s black hat collection is GOALS AF? You know I love an outfit featuring a black hat.

9. Amber from Style Plus Curves

Amber from Style Plus Curves is mostly dressed in pastel or patterned swing dresses. When the weather gets a little colder and she can throw on a beanie and layer on a sparkly cardigan.

Amber Style Plus Curves

Amber is a big believer that how you feel on the outside effects how you feel on the inside. She attributes a lot of her mood, business success and relationships to how her clothes make her feel.

10. Hanna from Hanna Wears

Hanna from Hanna Wears is a Finn living out her days in London. Her style is hipster city girl chic often mixing different silhouettes together to make cool outfit combinations. I don’t know too many women who would dare to pair an oversized jumper over a floor-length lace dress with round 90s glasses.

Hanna Wears

My favorite part of Hanna’s style is that she jumps feet-first into trends without hesitation. I usually don’t try out a trend until it’s over and done with but Hanna is always a step a head.

There seems to be a trend with fabulous plus size indie hipster bloggers named Natalie LOL. I swear I didn’t do that on purpose. I recently read that the plus size fashion segment isn’t making progress because there are only a handful of fat fashion bloggers. That is just not true. Unfortunately, our industry holds a handful of people up higher than the rest. It’s great we are getting representation but there are so many more influencers that showcase a different style that are not Nicolette Mason, Callie Thorpe, or Tess Holiday. See my other favorite plus size bloggers to follow. 

I think a large part of the reason why we don’t see a lot of fat curvy and plus size bohemian style bloggers is due to the “flattering” debacle. For years we are told that flowing clothes make us look bigger and black is our safe color. As a way to break away from that, fat bloggers are showcasing bodycon dresses, bright colors, and structured pieces. Very un-boho and non-indie, if you ask me. There are a few of us that love the hipster-esque style. Give me a pair of grandma glasses and a peasant skirt, because I am all over that!






    1. We recently had a similar look posted to our blogs and I was like “This girl has style.” LOL The black lace dress with the black two-piece beneath it is a favorite!

    1. There are so many body positive bloggers outside of the handful we see in publications. I’m glad I can help showcase a few of them.

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