Society+ creative professional Damask Pant; OOTD

In my recent partnership with Society+, we wanted to showcase different ways you can style their feminine pieces. Naturally, I picked the least feminine items I could get: the Damask pant, grey tutu, and the Chicest of them All vest. My goal was to show that you can buy items you like that aren’t necessarily “your style” and make them a part of your style.

Society+ Damask pant reminds me of a couch pattern you would find in the Haunted Mansion. It also reminds me of a bed spread you would find at your great grandma’s house. My first thought was “these pants would look great for work.” My challenge: style the Damask pants in a not-so-obvious professional way.

Society+ Damask pant outfit

Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant

I like to refer to this look as my Joker outfit. The green-on-green with a purple jacket really takes me back to watching Batman on Cartoon Network with my brother. I am really in to the androgynous looks right now. Contrary to my Society+ tutu outfit, the Damask pant look is paired with a shapeless wool jacket and loafers.

Realistically, this outfit could be worn to the office. If your office has room for creative expression this is a great alternative to the boring black suit.

Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant

After running around in Old Town Orange all day, it felt nice to just take off my shoes for a bit. Have you ever just needed to take off your shoes? When I’m wearing closed-toes shoes for long periods of time it feels nice to just let your feet breathe.

Society+ Damask pant review

When I opened my Society+ goodie box and pulled out the Damask pant from its bag I was immediately uncomfortable with the stiffness. I held up the two-inch elastic waistband and thought, “this is going to be way too restricting to wear for a whole day.” I was pleasantly surprised when I put them on and the waistband stayed up and around my muffin top without sliding down. The waistband also didn’t cut into my stomach like I thought it would. I was surprised in a good way.

One thing I really enjoy about Society+ Damask Pants is that the length of the pants. It is the perfect length to wear with heels or flats without making you look and feel shorter than you are.

Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant Society plus damask pant

After working with Society+ I understand why it has become a popular fashion hub for plus size women. Society+ really understand the plus size woman’s body and shape. Just because I am a size 16 doesn’t mean that my legs are 3 inches longer than a size 6. Society+gets that.

Buy Society+ Damask pant

High Waisted Damask Pull On Skinny Pant – Green – $49.99
from: Society+

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