5 Methods to Prevent Chub Rub Summer Chafing RANKED!

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When the hot summer months roll around, chubby girls everywhere groan in unison as they put away their leggings and pull out their shorts. One thing comes to mind, “How can I prevent chub rub and thigh chafing this year?” Chafing is on the minds of every plus size and curvy lady right now. If you don’t have a thigh gap, it most definitely is not “no problem.” During summer, life without a thigh gap means two things: sweat and chub rub.

In the past couple of years, new anti chafing products have hit the market that deserve a test drive. Also, a review of some of the tried-and-true methods for to protect thighs and prevent chub rub is necessary.

Best products to prevent chub rub


What is chub rub?

Chub rub is what you call it when your thighs rub together to the point where your inner leg flesh turn red and raw. This condition can start as early as spring and goes throughout summer. Most thick thighed people have experienced chub rub their whole life and are only now just realizing we don’t need to suffer. There are tools and methods to help us deal with thigh chafing that were not available five or ten years ago.

5 methods to prevent chub rub chafing RANKED!

I remember being a somewhere between eight years-old and nine years-old when I first experienced chub rub. We were taking our first real trip to California for a Disneyland and Seaworld vacation during summer and it was HOT. I was walking around Seaworld in my swimsuit because it was so warm. We sat in the splash zone and endured a full on barrage of salt water sprayed in my face. This only sped up and worsened my first chafing experience and literally rubbed salt in the wound.

At the time, I don’t think it was a condition talked about much. My parents seem to think that if I lost enough weight the chafing would go away. Well, I spent my whole life trying to get my thighs not to rub together and it still happens. To all those who think it’s just fat people who struggle with chafing, it’s not true. Even when I was one hundred pounds lighter I still suffered from inner thigh chafing.

5. Kitchen oil – Coconut oil, Olive oil, PAM

Rubbing kitchen oil like coconut, olive or PAM on my thighs is something I would never do. Coconut oil and olive oil can be expensive and adds great flavor so to use it to prevent chub rub is foreign to me. This suggestion was given to me by an old high school friend and fellow curvy lady. We were on the cheer squad together in high school and were often paired as bases together due to our sturdy stature. Our coach once told me I was built like a Clydesdale. We instantly bonded on being the “sturdiest” ones in the bunch.

Prevent chub rub with coconut oil

Coconut oil for chafing – review

I tried coconut oil, olive oil and PAM separately on three different days to see how cooking oil holds up. My inner thighs have never been so hydrated. I think the weirdest oil to slather on my thighs was the PAM. Applying PAM to my inner thighs was easy but I found that the grease didn’t absorb into my skin, which was good! Alas, it was weird having grease on my thighs all day and I was careful to not stain the couch.

Coconut oil and olive oil both absorbed into my skin pretty quick. Olive oil held up better than coconut oil and needed to be reapplied often. Though, the protection against chafing was not as strong as other chub rub methods, it left my skin nice and soft.

4. Gillette 48 hour gel deodorant

I discovered the power Gillette Endurance Clear Gel Deodorant had to protect your skin from chafing when I moved to San Diego a few years ago. I had developed a reaction to my usual deodorant and borrowed my boyfriend’s to get me through the day. After a whole day of running around campus, I noticed my armpits were still powder dry. If Gillette worked that well on my armpits, than it could also work on other parts of my body right? So I tested it the next day and braved a whole day on campus in denim shorts with Gillette gel deodorant slathered between my thighs.

Prevent chub rub with Gillette gel deodorant


Get maximum chub rub protection from Gillette gel deodorant:

  1. Slather it on generously
  2. Wait for it to fully dry before attempting to walk around

Yes, that means you will need to assume gynecologist stirrup position for 10 or so minutes while it dries. If you have applied too much, the remainder will ball up and flake away as you walk.

3. Bandelettes

Bandelettes Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands are the pretty little bit of protection your thighs need for wedding season to prevent chafing. I’ve used Bandelettes for the summer events that call for a pretty summer sun dress. There is something comforting in knowing that you have pretty lace garments under your clothes.

Prevent chub rub with Bandelettes

Bandelettes – review

On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate Bandelettes as a 6 on a useful and long term protection scale. It holds up for events where you only need to wear them for a few hours. I would not encourage you to try and spend a whole day walking around Disneyland in the summer, though. After four or five wears, the bands start to roll a bit and the elastic gets a bit worn in. But again, great for events where you only need to wear them for a few hours.

2. Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief

I felt so weird checking out at the store with nothing but Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief Powder Gel and three gala apples. Before the beauty industry saw the need to fill non-pregnant women’s chafing woes, we all had to live with Monistat anti chafing cream. Originally meant for pregnancy curves, you can also use Monistat as makeup primer. Monistat complete has the consistency of Benefit pore corrector, and goes on nice and smooth with a dry finish.

Prevent chub rub with Monistat

Monistat Complete Care Chafing Relief – review

For chafing, Monistat Complete is the OG of chafing solutions to prevent chub rub. I wore Monistat to the gym to do a zumba class IN SHORTS! I haven’t worked out in shorts since I was 15 years old. My mom used to utilize me as her running partner and often ran in shorts without a proper sports bra. Chafing was intense. Most recently, I pulled eight hours at Disneyland in June wearing denim overalls with Monistat as my thigh protectant. I didn’t even have to re-apply while at the park. You can feel it a bit on your thighs, since there is this warm buttery feeling. But you soon forget about it.

1. Body Glide

Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm was recommended to me by a follower on Instagram. Beth said she used their Body Glide original stick to prevent chub rub on her trip to New Orleans, and it was a thigh saver. I contacted Body Glide to see if I could get some samples before my trip to Japan. I arrived from my trip to a package on the door with chub rub anti-chafing goodies just in time for summer.

Prevent chub rub with Bodyglide

Body Glide has several variations of its product, which tells me they really know the thick thigh and active person’s struggle with summer. I got their Body Glide Original anti-chafing stick, Body Glide for Her, Body Glide Foot Anti Blister Balm, and Body Glide Sun with SPF 30. All of these products screamed, “try me” for my recent trip to Disneyland and Orlando Florida’s Universal Studios.

Body Glide anti-chafing stick – review

My first time trying Body Glide out, my friend and I applied it to our thighs for a few hours at Disneyland. We both agreed that it was dry, nonstick, and odor-free which was nice. So, I took a leap of faith and devoted 12 hours to testing Body Glide in hot and humid Universal Studios Orlando. It’s a little harder to apply than Monistat or coconut oil, but it lasts all day and you really don’t feel it after it has been applied.

I now keep one of the sticks in my bag for everywhere I go. I also brought it as a backup in case the coconut oil, Bandelettes, or Monistat was unable to protect my thighs from the dreaded chub rub.


Full disclosure: Bandelettes and Body Glide sent me their product to review. All experiences and words are my own and genuinely reflect how I felt about their products.


Which products have you used to protect your inner thighs from chafing? Comment and let me know so I can give them a try!


Be prepared for summer chafing




  1. Thank you SO much, yet again, for posting this! This is ALWAYS my problem and I LOVE to wear dresses, and it’s such an untapped area of discussion, so it’s wonderful to have a solid review on the best-known products to see which ones work the best!

    I have the monistat one, which does work well enough, but I’m excited to try the Body Glide now!

    1. SAME! It’s a shame how long I abstained from wearing dresses and shorts growing up because I was try not to chafe. Seriously, these methods passed my Disneyland test (minus the coconut oil) so I’m hoping it will enable others to enjoy adventures this summer in something other than leggings.

  2. I haven’t ever used any products and have never called it chub rub! I love it. I do hate my thighs even touching, though – and sleep with a pillow between them at night to prevent it.

  3. The thigh gap is just never going to happen for me, and I’m okay with that! This post is seriously a game changer since I had NO idea that there were products out there that would let me wear a dress comfortably in the summer!

    1. Right? I wish these were around when I was growing up. I was so self conscious and had to think twice about what I wore when hanging out with friends during summer.

  4. This is great! I had this happen to me once, when we went to Disney and I was pregnant. So uncomfortable! I will have to get some something for our next trip!

  5. I never would have thought to spray Pam on my thighs! I’m not sure I could handle the smell all day, but maybe that’s because we have the one that smells like butter 🙂

    1. Lol nothing is better than the smell of buttered thighs in the middle of the day 😹 I would opt for monistat or bodyglide instead.

  6. I end up wearing power pants under my skirts to prevent chafe.Sometimes that combo gets really hot. It’s great to have a cooler alternative If you survived Disney it’ll work in Vancouver.

    1. Agreed! I don’t think wearing shorts counts as a good chafing solution. Especially since sweat is such a huge factor in the summer.

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