In-n-out, crop tops & high waisted shorts; OOTD

The West coast is the best coast. Hands down, we have the Pacific North West’s beautiful mountains, lush greenery, the whole California coast and of course, In-n-Out burger. We are so blessed to get all-year summer in Southern California and a decent wholesome burger for under $10. Sorry, Whataburger, Five Guys and Shake Shack but for the In-n-Out price they deliver.

When the days get warmer, there’s nothing like rolling up to your favorite In-n-Out drive through and grabbing a vanilla milkshake and a protein style double-double. The other day was the epitome of Southern California days. My fiance and I were headed to a car show at Huntington Beach when I made him pull over for a burger.

In-n-out, crop tops & high waisted shortsplus size crop top in-n-out plus size crop top in-n-out

Before I discovered In-n-Out burger, I was a lover of McDonald’s and a HUGE fan of Dick’s Burgers in Seattle. If Dick’s came to Los Angeles I would be in heaven.

There is a stigma against fat women when they openly indulge in fast food. It’s amazing how someone can assume because you are grabbing a burger at 11 AM and are overweight, that you eat unhealthy all of the time. While I was waiting for my number to be called the guy who was in line behind me told me I could save some calories by getting my burger without spread. WHY DID HE FEEL THE NEED TO MENTION THIS TO ME? I have no idea. Did I already know that sauce adds more calories? OF COURSE.

Huntington beach Crop top high-waisted shorts outfit plus sizeplus size crop top in-n-out

High waisted shorts for summer

The summer of 2012 was a memorable one. It was memorable, not because of how much fun I had frolicking on the beach, but because I spent all three months in leggings. I would not be caught dead spending a full day walking around in the California sun in shorts. Why? Because inner thigh chafing is a real problem for plus size girls.

No one ever talks about chafing outside of runners nipples. Thick girls have to deal with it almost every day, and don’t even get me started on if you live in a humid area. Thank goodness I discovered products to protect my thighs from chafing. Now I can enjoy high waisted shorts, skirts, and dresses this summer.

plus size crop top in-n-out plus size crop top in-n-out plus size crop top in-n-out

My hope for this blog has always been to inspire the 8 year-old me. The eight year-old me that didn’t have someone to look up to. Several years ago, I would have never imagined that I would be sitting at a fast food joint in a crop top and shorts. 15 year-old me would be sitting at home googling flattering clothing shapes for my size. When you stop trying to appease people’s ideas of what you should look like you get a chance to be yourself.

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    1. Better late than never. I still find myself caring but I find it easier to stop and ask myself how does that make me feel and do I have any control over it? The answer is always no. Which makes it easier for me to move on.

  1. Emotionally, I struggle with high-waisted shorts AND crop tops but clearly, you’re rocking this outfit. 8 year old you would be extremely proud.

  2. Love the combo! I sometimes try to steer away from crop tops as I’m not very proud of my tummy after having my little boy, but you’ve really inspired me. I am going to rock this style tomorrow!!

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