California summer in overalls; OOTD

A few weeks ago I did a post on plus size hipster bloggers you should follow in 2017. If I could add myself to that list I would. I have long battled with the term “hipster.” The truth is, real hipster don’t call themselves that. I for one, don’t care for the urban hip lifestyle but do love the fashion.

Being curvy at a young age puts you in a weird position when it comes to back-to-school shopping. I didn’t fit in juniors clothes or even at the Justice stores as a kid. My thighs were always too big, my butt too round for the kid sizes. My family was pretty middle class and couldn’t afford a lot of new clothes as I continued to grow so Goodwill and thrift stores were a frequent for me. Often, my clothes were out-of-date, hardly the Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch styles most girl in high school were wearing. Finding off beat clothes and upcycling really inspired my style today.

California summer in overalls

Plus size hipster overalls outfit California summer overalls outfit XXL old navy overalls

When I was a kid, I had a pair of hand-me-down Old Navy overalls that a neighbor was throwing out. These overalls were my absolute favorite and had a little America flag on the front pocket. I remember sitting on a grassy hillside picking dandelions with these overalls on and getting all of the sticky sap from the stems all over it. My mom wasn’t able to get the sap out of the overalls and I had to throw them away.

Fast forward 15 years and who would have known that Old Navy would reunite me with a new pair of adult overalls. Overalls are very trendy right now (thank goodness). Viva la overall shorts! When I came home with it, my fiance goes “can’t you wear shorts like a normal person?” LOL. The hunt for plus size overalls is hard. I had scoured the aisles of Forever21, Macy’s, ASOS and Torrid but could not find anyone selling plus size overall shorts for summer.

Leave it to good ol’ Old Navy to hook a fat sistah up with overalls in light denim AND dark denim going all the way up to an XXL. I am wearing a size extra large and it has buttons on the side to loosen or tight the hip area. GO BUY THEM BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE.

Plus size hipster overalls outfit Plus size hipster overalls outfit Plus size hipster overalls outfit
Save the bees this summer

I have a soft spot for honey bees. We all should care about honey bees. You see, the bee population is declining rapidly due to pesticides and lack of bee food. Bees are having to fly further and further to find food sources and are dying trying to make the trek. The lack of bee food combined with the number of pesticides killing off bee colonies means our bees are dying off rapidly. You can help save the bees by planting bee friendly flowers and leaving shallow basins of water with large rocks in it so bees have a drinking source. We can provide a rest stop for our friends who pollinate our food.

I saw this little guy crawling on the asphalt and knew if I didn’t pick him up and move him to a safe spot, he would get run over by a car. Honey bees will sting, so be careful if you do pick them up. I never pinch them or grab them with my hand, but allow them to crawl on me so I can move them to a safe spot. I have a habit of rescuing them from pools too.

save the bees Save the beesΒ Help save the bees and spread the word



Bikini tops make great crop tops

In the art of upcycling, repurposing your clothes rather than buying new ones is a great way to reduce waste. I bought this really cute plus size bikini from Swim Suits For All but the tan lines and the fit of the bottoms just didn’t do it for me. This bikini makes for a great suit for water sports like skim boarding and jet skiing, but not for sun bathing. As a result, I never wearing this swim suit and the $50 I spent on it has gone to waste since last summer.

I was able to repurpose this unused bikini top to wear as a crop top under my overalls. During a sweaty summer full of food and music festivals, this is an awesome alternative to a regular crop. It offers a bit of support, quick drying, and has enough structure to hold up all day.

Summer is a season of sun and fun! We live in a great time where plus size bloggers are paving the way for body positivity and fat acceptance. I encourage you to pull up your shorts, swipe on some Body Glide, and head outside for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park. We have more plus size clothing options now, more than ever. Bask in the great time we live in right now.

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    1. Thanks dee! It’s my darkest color and I was actually a little iffy on it but I’ve gotten some good feedback so I think it will stick πŸ™‚

  1. Ah I remember the hand me down overall’s phase growing up, lol. That’s all I knew growing up in a family of migrant workers but I really didn’t mind it whatsoever. I’m glad to see they’re back in style πŸ˜‰

    1. Overalls are awesome! You can throw them over, all. baha bad pun, like really bad considering it wasn’t even a punny pun.

  2. You’re rocking those dungarees!
    And also a big yay for saving the bees and raising awareness! <3 Quite brave of you to pick it up though!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Anything can just about be a crop top. I figured why toss it, when I can utilize it in an outfit. It would be great for summer music festivals so you don’t get your bras all sweaty.

  3. I used to have a pair of overalls and I was younger that I wore all the time! I’m so glad they’re back in style!

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