Plus size striped maxi sun dress; OOTD

Now that I have options to protect my thighs for chafing, I am fully indulging in leggingless styles. Light and flowing maxi dresses are my new favorite summer staple. Last year I was all about the romper, but this season I am filling my closet with dresses like this striped maxi dress! Who says plus size women can’t wear stripes.

My closet has a lot of short skirts, crop tops, and skinny jeans but my dress collection is lacking. I have officially worn my floral maxi to the point where it doesn’t look quite as pretty as it did when I first got it. What did I do? I headed to the one place where they have a wide variety of sizes, basic styles, and a great sale section. Target.

Striped maxi sun dress

Plus size striped maxi dressPlus size striped maxi dressBianca Karina blogger

How do you know a dress was made for you? When you have mentally given up on finding it in your size but the universe tells you “no.” I had a run-in with fate when I found this striped maxi dress. Let me tell you the story of how I met my striped maxi…

*Cue HIMYM intro music but it’s me at Target with the striped maxi* 

You see kids, when you are plus size, going into the clothing aisles of a straight store is like shopping for apples in the ice cream sections of the grocery store. Sometimes you find apples, but not quite in the form you thought you would.


Bianca sunflowerIf the dress fits…

I was walking through the clearance are of Target when I saw this striped maxi dress with ruffle neck detail hanging up in the Small section. I looked at the tag just to double check the size of the dress, and alas it was a small. Whilst making a beeline to the extra large section to see if I could find that same maxi, I realized it was futile. I settle with an arms worth of sale bikinis, a single maxi dress, and two cotton rompers. As I turned toward the dressing room, like an angel, the dressing room attendant walked over to me with that striped maxi dress on a hanger ready to hang it up. I literally squealed with excitement and asked for the dress before she could even put it back.

You can imagine how disappointed I was when fate had it that the XL was too small. It wouldn’t zip up my boobs and I was standing there with half of my boob hanging out wondering if I could lose weight to fit it. DON’T EVER DO THAT! Realistically, no one loses weight to fit in to a single piece of clothing.

Wear it

I came to terms with the signs from the Universe and marched out of the dressing room to give my pieces back to the attendant. It just so happens the woman who returned her stuff just before me had given up the XXL in the striped maxi! I tried that baby on and we have been inseparable ever since. It was fate.

Plus size striped maxi dress Plus size striped maxi dress Plus size striped maxi dress

This is the second time in my LIFE I have ever gone out in public without a bra on. Unless you count bralettes a “bra.” It’s kind of a crazy strange feeling to be sans bra with people around. When you have an ample bust, you are highly aware of every little bit of movement your chest makes. In this dress, my boobs are so strapped in that I barely noticed!

Recreate the look


Get the striped ruffle maxi dress here. 


  1. Love this dress! I’m a size 12/14 and always looking for a flattering maxi dress! PS Love the sunflower – you are so cute in your hat too!

    1. Thank you Kat! Sunflowers and daisies are my favorite flowers. Maxi dresses are awesome because you can kinda get away with not shaving regularly baha

  2. I love stripes, just not horizontal stripes. It really does compliment my shape. I love the dress, I did not know that Target had such nice plus size clothing. I’m going to check have to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Oh ya! Target has awesome plus size options going all the way to an XXL! They often do collaborations with designers who would never offer sizes past an 8 but you can get at Target in a 16 or 18.

  3. I love a good maxi dress! I’ve never actually worn a no-bra dress – there’s always time to try LOL. Thanks for sharing and you look stunning!!

    Ashlee |

    1. Thanks Ashlee! Me either. I’ve done it a total of twice in my life. This year I’ve just been experimenting and getting comfortable with myself and developing a style.

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