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When you think of Baltimore restaurants, think of crab. Imagine all of your favorite foods, now imagine them with fresh lump blue crab meat (#foodgasm all day). Eggs Benedict with crab, crab cakes, cream of crab, crab bloody marys, it’s all good and around every corner in Fell’s Point.

The USA’s east coast local cuisine is highly influenced by its waterfront geography. There are few places that you must eat in the popular tourist town of Fell’s Point. Its colorful neighborhoods have a rich history of diversity, uprising, and loves the arts. With the some of the US’s deepest roots spawning from Maryland, it’s no wonder their local cuisine has developed into the wonderful seafood basket that it is.

On your upcoming trip to Baltimore, be sure to check out these Triple D approved restaurants and local hot spots.

Must-try Baltimore restaurants

Blue Moon Cafe in Fell’s Point

This was my top pick for a DELICIOUS breakfast at a great price. Guy Fieri from Drive-ins, Diners, and Dives recommended this cafe, not once, but twice. Known for its Captain Crunch french toast and its new Sweet Baby Jesus, it won’t disappoint. Blue Moon Cafe is a hot spot for locals and tourists in the area. By 10 AM you can count on a group waiting in the sweltering heat for a seat at a table.

Blue Moon Cafe Baltimore

Get a side order of Scrapple. It’s apparently a southern delicacy that takes the spare pork parts and turn it into a fried brick of porkyness. If that turns you off, pour some maple syrup on it. It’s definitely an acquired taste.

They just opened a new location in Federal Hill! Which was actually much closer to my hotel than their original location and could have saved me money in Lyft rides.
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Bertha’s restaurant and bar in Fell’s Point

I found Bertha’s on several travel blogger lists of Baltimore restaurants to try. You will see cars with the sticker “Eat Bertha’s Mussles” slapped on their bumper. Grab a Pilsner and a bowl of Bertha’s famous Guinness muscles with bread and enjoy the view of the harbor.

Berhta's muscles baltimore

I honestly thought this restaurant was a bit overrated and the muscles were kind of dry. Though, their mussles were well cleaned and flavorful I couldn’t quite get over how dry they were.

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Between Two Buns in Mt. Vernon Marketplace

I randomly stumbled upon Between Two Buns while looking for oysters in Mt. Vernon. I was coming back from the George Peabody Library when I heard my stomach growl. The marketplace was close by and was just opening for lunch so I walked around the building like three times looking for the restaurant sign. Finally, I went into the marketplace and realized it was just like the Packing District in Anaheim.

Between Two Buns Baltimore

I chose to eat at Between Two Buns instead of my original Oyster spot because of the Food Network. There was a guy on one of their competition shows that wanted to start his own burger joint called “Between Two Buns.” The Food Network judges laughed at him due to the innuendo.
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Charm City Cakes in Inner Harbor

Another Food Network must-see is Charm City Cakes. Dessert lovers will recognize the name Duff Goldman from Ace of Cakes for his outrageous over the top cakes for events. His bakery also has small popup shops around Baltimore that serve up macaroons and cupcakes.

Charm City Cakes Baltimore

I got the passionfruit cupcake and grabbed a seat on the bench by the pretty gold statue between the skyscrapers.

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The Owl Bar

The Owl Bar is one of the oldest and hippest bars in all of Baltimore. Hidden in The Belvedere Hotel in Midtown, this prohibition-era bar has hosted celebrities and presidents for years. Not represented on their wall of great patrons is the fabulous F. Scott Fitzgerald, writer of The Great Gatsby and Tender is the Night.

Owl Bar Baltimore

I grabbed a seat at the bar after visiting F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Baltimore apartment on Park Ave for lunch. At the recommendation of the bartender, I got the Prohibition Punch. The Prohibition Punch is actually a modern rendition of the recipe they used back in the 1920s. The Owl Bar has a happy hour on weekdays until 7.

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Since the tragedy of Freddie Gray, the city has been split between those who feel law enforcement is out of control and those who are ambivalent about it. The city seems to be torn politically and racially. Each person I met exuded Charm City hospitality but were all aware at the tumultuous state of its people. When the world seems to be going to shit, the best thing to do is EAT YOUR FEELINGS. Indulge in some Captain Crunch french toast, and for 30 minutes enjoy just getting to visit Baltimore restaurants.


    1. You should! The Inner Harbor is pretty modern touristy. There’s a great sunset to be seen atop of Federal Hill and a cool book shop called Book Escape!

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