Summer days in a Denim Vest and the COMFIEST booties; OOTD

Anyone else tired of the cold-shoulder style that all of the plus size tops seem to have? I feel like thirty percent of my tops are now cold-shoulder style for summer, so how can I style them differently? Two words: Denim Vest. My love of denim goes beyond denim jackets, and extends to the sleeveless version. A denim vest is a great summer alternative to the popular kimono and are not quite as warm as a denim chambray.

This summer outfit could easily work for a backyard barbecue or tail gating for your favorite football team.

Summer days in a Denim Vest and the COMFIEST booties

plus size denim vest outfit

Though the denim vest is what makes this outfit come together, my favorite parts are the accessories. You all already know of my favorite Forever21 fedora that I wear almost every weekend. But, two of my long time (ol’ faithful if you will) favorites are this silver embossed cuff and gold beaded statement necklace. I the bangle and this afro inspired necklace on a whim just before my trip to Cancun several years back.

Since buying them I have gained and lost weight, then gained again, and of course my accessories fit the same. The necklace is starting to wear down, and some of the blue coloring is coming off the necklace. I think it adds to the rustic feel of the necklace. I often wear these accessories with my boho outfits. When you start developing a style it gets easier to mix and match your accessories and your clothes. I am almost at the point of being able to get dressed in the dark and still come out pretty well dressed.

The comfiest booties EVER

I borrowed these heeled booties from a friend’s mom. Since swiping them from her closet I have been keeping my eye out for a pair I can keep for myself. I have a variety of fall booties but none that have rubber soles. My fiance and I spent the afternoon walking our chihuahua bruno around the park. While fit people ran buy in a gust, children rode scooters in our direction, these boots kept me walking.

If you are looking for a great music festival shoe, or a bootie that doesn’t quit. These rubber sole suede lace-up booties will do the trick for any girl.

Lately I have been feeling kind of jaded by the limited styles in plus size clothing. Especially during summer, I feel like plus size clothing options are limited to wrap dresses and cut-out shirts. I’ve been pulling inspiration from old tv shows and movies to try and refresh my closet with styles that are different. I think I may start rummaging through thrift stores again. What do you think?

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  1. I love this outfit, it’s so cute! I wouldn’t be able to wear the shoes though because I’m already 6 ft and I hate making myself taller, but they are super cute!

    1. They’re actually really low heels and give a great bounce to your step thanks to the rubber sole. I feel ya though. At least you can enjoy a flat shoe summer.

  2. Great look! As someone who is currently between sizes, I totally get what you are saying about accessories. They fit no matter what size you are.

  3. nice outfit. I like the boots. Sassy with that skirt. I am not a fan of the current open shoulder look. That vest definitely works with that blouse.

    1. i loved the cold shoulder trend at first, but now it just feels like a cop out. Make your whole plus size collection with cold shoulders and now you are breaking boundaries. Not

  4. That outfit suits you amazingly! I could imagine you rocking up to a music festival or a bbq with friends in that. Damn I wish I had a stylist.

  5. I love your vest and top! I don’t have a vest, but they really are so versatile and perfect for a layered look in hot weather. 🙂
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

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