Urban style at Queen Mary Long Beach; OOTD

A big motivator for starting this plus size lifestyle blog was to bring more representation to full bodied curvy women doing things, any things. When I was looking for fashion inspiration back in 2011, all of the plus size bloggers were 50s inspired pin ups. It was hard to find women that were taking modern urban style and translating them into plus size looks. Now, we have game changers like By Nadia Abhoulhosn, Premme US, and The B Word x Deb Shops.

But what is a cute outfit if you do not explore, adventure, and get out of your comfort zone while looking fly AF. Most of the time, you will find me in a t-shirt and/or leggings. I love a comfortable urban style outfit that also can express your personal style. For this plus size look, I took my fat ass (cheeks exposed) to Wekfest at Long Beach’s Queen Mary haunted ship.

Urban style at Queen Mary Long Beach

thick thighs Bianca Karina plus blogger

I always get a bit self conscious going to car shows. Anyone who has watched any of the seven Fast and Furious movies will know that fat women are not a part of the car community. Most of the women who are represented as attending these events are car models. Mostly bodacious, and scantily clad, the women pose with their favorite vehicles in hopes of making it on social feeds and magazines.

There are a lot of curvy women that are not shown at these events. Most of the times, these women are the wives, girl friends, sisters, and mothers of those showing their cars. Doing a quick shoot while AT a car show like Wekfest is not something you usually see, especially for a fully dressed plus size woman with cellulite, short hair, and slide on shoes. I think the car community is becoming more open minded and welcoming of women in the car industry. Beyond just modeling and bikini contests, a lot of car shows also have a special award category for “female driven.” Which I think is pretty cool, since most of the time there are only three to five female owned cars represented.

What feminism looks like at modified car shows

What I do love about going to these car events though, is the opportunity to support my fellow women. I hoot, holler, and clap for all the ladies that get on stage. It takes a lot of guts to bare it all in public, especially in an environment that is stereotypically sexist and crude. We need to support our fellow lady even if we don’t necessarily support their life style or choices.

It’s a lot of fun to hang out with beautiful women and fast cars. It is easy to look at women with their tight abs, round butt, and perfect curled hair and ask yourself why you don’t look like that. Remember, that a wild flower does not bloom and wonder why it is not a rose. You are not less beautiful because there are other beautiful women around you. It can be easy to pick other women apart in the environment that you are in. But it is so important that other women do not add to the toxic speech that can often swirl at these shows.

Good looks and being educated are not mutually exclusive

I remember one time a man we were at a car show with, mentioned that one of the models walking by was most likely uneducated whose sugar daddy bought her her boobs. Oh man did I pounce on him fast. It was time to drop some knowledge. We discussed that good looks and education are not mutually exclusive. In fact with some research I was able to disprove his theory with that specific model, considering she had gone to UC Irvine. That taught him not to make snap judgements about women around me again.

Comfortable and urban style t-shirt and jeans

I don’t often show my more urban style because it mostly is just me in my own comfy clothes. The graffiti on the walls and the ship made for a great backdrop and it felt that. This outfit isn’t my usual feminine hipster style, which is partially why I wanted to show it on my blog.

Sometimes I get emails from you all hoping for tips on how to break your love of comfortable clothing. You don’t necessarily need to. This pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt is so simple. But you can easily dress it up with accessories and items that are a little different. Instead of my white Converse that I usually would wear, I opted for my silver slip ons that I haven’t worn since my trip to Croatia. My mirrored aviators play into the shininess of the shoes. It also keeps with the fun theme of the Rip-n-Dip “fuck you” cat shirt by wearing my Pokemon hat from Japan.

P.S. The Rip-n-Dip “fuck you” cat shirt is a mens t-shirt

Wekfest Queen Mary

There is nothing wrong with dressing casual and comfortable if that is your style. You can easily spruce up a simple tshirt-and-jeans look with details for a more urban style. If you look at models and socialites Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner, they often wear comfortable clothing. They tend to style it up with accessories or interesting details. Fashion isn’t hard. It’s how you interpret it. Don’t let the blogs set the pace or tell you how to dress. I hope you take my images as an inspiration, and not a guide for how to dress. Go live your fabulous lives my dear!

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    1. Tell me about it. It’s like a woman can’t be attractive and smart. I actually ended up meeting his dad who was EXACTLY like him. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  1. I hate it when people make judgments about other people based on their looks. How is it possible to know about other person if you have never spoke to them before, let`s say.

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