Perfect Sculpt strapless bra – DD review

Have you seen that video all over Facebook, of the woman with near perfect boobs pulls on some string and gets lifted cleavage without an underwire or straps? The Perfect Sculpt strapless bra has been taking social media by storm. Nearly every social media influencer and Instagram fitness model is showing off the cleavage and lift brought on by this sticky adhesive strapless bra. All I can think is “Look ma no hands!”

Perfect Sculpt strapless bra product review

I remember it was like 1 AM and I had seen yet another Instagram fitness model with itty bitty titties showing us what the Perfect Sculpt strapless bra could do for her mosquito bites. Not my words, hers. There were a few of us large chested women still trying to figure out if this bra could solve our fashion predicament. Anyone with large breasts knows that strapless and backless clothes are mostly off limits. We started to discuss our own frustration with these “reviews” that caught the Instagram model’s attention. Of course her first response is that we were body shaming her for having a small chest. Her response? “Just because I small boobs doesn’t mean I don’t count.”

Women with large boobs experience life completely differently

  • Bras cost 10-45 dollars more
  • Gravity effects us like a water balloon being dropped from a balcony
  • Boob sweat is real (I’m asking for the ta-ta towel for Christmas)
  • Back problems are real
  • Cleavage tends not to be our first priority, lift is.

I decided to do a 100% real, authentic, no bull shit, review of the Perfect Sculpt strapless bra for women with large boobs. This product review goes out to all of my large chested sisters! The women who can barely survive the summer in a tank top. The ones who pass by the off-the-shoulder shirts and pick up another v-neck t-shirt. The women who skip a halter top for a night out because dancing in a strapless bra is brutal.

This Perfect Sculpt strapless bra review is NOT sponsored.


My plus size experience with the Perfect Sculpt bra

  • I got a size E just in case, it was still too small
  • Nipple placement in the adhesive is complicated and doesn’t stay put resulting in a painful removal
  • The outer edges of the bra peels over and stick to your clothing
  • I had to remove and reapply three times through the day
  • I received zero lift. The string clasp is essentially useless.
  • No cleavage, but that was fine because it was too hot.

size dd perfect sculpt bra review

I wore it for a full day, outside, in the Southern California sun, for a car show. I took a quick break to watch Spiderman in an air conditioned theater (cue Jay’s comment). Beside that, I spent a lot of the afternoon readjusting and pulling my shirt off of the adhesive.

It’s a No for me. 




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