Summer at the Grove LA in a purple jacket; OOTD

Los Angeles and Orange County are really feeling that summer August heat. I was shocked to realize that 2017 will be over in just four short months and that fall and winter are on the horizon. Summer has royally kicked my butt. Between the air conditioning running in my house all day and the chlorine I’ve exposed my body to, I need some real RnR.

That’s why I took a day off from my usual summer shenanigans for a day of shopping and retail therapy. The Grove mall in LA is often the center point of the city’s many fashion events. It looks a lot like a mini city, with its own market and a trolley that runs through it. While living in San Diego, I often planned to visit the esteemed shopping plaza only to be distracted by other events like acroyoga on the beach. How California did that last sentence sound? (LOL)

Summer at the Grove LA in a purple jacket

Purple jacket plus size outfit

What finally pushed me to visit The Grove in LA, was a blogging and branding session put on by Simply Stylist. These ladies connect Los Angeles area media influencers with industry professional to teach us things like content creation, photography, pitching and more. This session, I was here to learn how to start a Youtube channel. You can follow my adventures on Youtube now thanks to them!

Alas, dressing for an afternoon in an air conditioned room followed by shopping in an outdoor mall had me struggling with an outfit to wear.

How to wear a jacket in the summer

Every summer, it seems like moms across the world being training their children to put away their winter clothes and leave nothing but sleeveless squares of cloth hanging from the wracks of their closet. Once you realize that there isn’t really a difference between your summer and winter wardrobe, your life can finally begin. Don’t waste time putting away your jackets once the days get longer and hotter work your blazers, jackets, and sweaters into your summer style.

Since I spend about 65% of my days in an airconditioned room, jackets are essential to my style game plan. Layering a jacket over an ensemble gives you options, and depending on the material can be worn all day.

Tips for wearing a jacket during summer

  • Stick to light fabrics if you are going to be outside all day.
  • Find jackets with 3/4 sleeves to easily roll up.
  • Wear even lighter more breathable fabrics under the jacket.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes under your jacket.
  • Bring a bag large enough to keep your jacket in in case it gets too hot.
  • Consider the temperature of the location you will be spending the majority of your time in.

Ask any office worker and they will tell you that the coldest winter is actually summer in an office. You can look sharp, put together, and still stylish by keeping your jackets in your summer wardrobe.

Purple jacket plus size outfit

This purple jacket is actually one of the last purchases I made from a thrift store. When I first started blogging, my style was all about structure blazers in different colors. I often layered them over neutral tanks, jeans, and Converse for a casual cool. It didn’t take long for me to get bored of them and I ended donating a lot of my colorful church blazers back to the thrift stores they came from. Now that my wardrobe has more diversity, I find myself slowly adding these colorful blazers, like this purple jacket, back into my closet.

Finding high quality jackets at thrift stores

Truth is, thrift stores actually have a lot of cool, quality, clothes. Not too often do I find stained shirts or ripped pants when shopping at thrift shops. Stores, like Goodwill, are also doing a lot to give back to our communities. Goodwill gives a second chance at employment to those with a criminal record. Also they help keep clothing waste out of our city dumps!

Jackets are hard to destroy. You can buy a new jacket at a store from $50 or more, or help keep jackets out of the dump by rehoming a lightly used one at a tenth of the price. Most of the time I find that the jackets that land in thrift stores actually are a much higher quality than what I can afford new. I’ll never forget about the time I found a navy wool sea man’s jacket from the UK that retailed for more than 200 British pounds for just $10. Ever since then I have only had positive things to say about thrifting.

Purple jacket plus size outfit

If you are interested in keeping clothing out of dumps and live in the Orange County area, my fellow blogging friend Janeane from Designing from My Closet can help you out. Janeane scours some of OC’s best thrift shops to personalize a thrift box in your size just for you! Let her help you ease into thrift shopping. Beautiful things are out there, and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

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