World Honey Bee Day ~*GIVEAWAY~*

I’m celebrating World Honey Bee Day with a giveaway! If you follow me on Twitter, you would catch my occasional soap box sessions on the importance of bees. Honey bees are the reason we have things like almond milk, blueberries, melons and more! Could you imagine a world where blueberry muffins costed $20 due to the rarity of blueberries? Can you imagine having to go back to regularly drinking 2% milk with your cereal? I can’t.

Save the bees

Bees are disappearing!

World Honey Bee Day brings awareness to our favorite friend, the honey bee. Without the hard work of the honey bee, a lot of our crops would die. In fact, the corn industry is largely responsible for the reduction in bees. Because large parts of the the US crop fields grow corn, the pesticides sprayed on the corn are inhibiting the bee’s ability to return to the hive. As a result bee hives are experiencing CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder) due to the lack of workers bees that make it back. In 2015 and 2016, beekeepers saw a reduction of 44% in their hives when summer time came back around.

It can be easy to feel like one person can’t make a difference. But if everyone did a little something, that little bit of effort can help a whole lot.

What can we do to help the bees?

  1. Plant wild flowers so bees have food in between nectar breaks.
  2. DIY bee watering station with a shallow pool of water with stones so bees can hydrate.
  3. Buy local honey and support beekeepers.
  4. Revive tired bees.
  5. Consider making a masonry bee hotel for your yard.

Bee friendly flowers

What to do if you find a tired bee?

  1. Move it out of harms way – I often rescue bees from swimming pools and off sidewalks.
  2. Mix it a cocktail! – 2 tbsp of sugar mixed with 1 tbsp of water will do the trick.

Seven species of bee are already on the endangered species list. With only 300 or so types of bees existing and their alarming fast rate of dying, we are going to be hearing a lot more about the importance of bees.

World Honey Bee Day ~*GIVEAWAY~*

Let’s celebrate World Honey Bee Day with some free stuff!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is to bring awareness to the importance of bees and equip you with swag to share that message with those around you.

Win this Bee goodie bag

In this Save The Bees “good bag,” which is really a box, you will find some of my favorite bee related products.

  • “Life is Better with bees” shopping tote
  • Save the Bees t-shirt (size womens XL) — See it on me for fit (I am wearing an XL)
  • Majesty Honey travel lotion set
  • Two packs of wild flower seeds to start your own bee friendly garden

I’m so excited to be able to celebrate this holiday by building a new BEE BATH for my patio! Head over to my Instagram stories to see it!



    1. I apologize for commenting here, but I could not comment below for some reason- the latest adventures bar kept blocking the box to submit! I wanted to say that my great uncle was a beekeeper. He would always talk about how gentle and intelligent the bees were. I remember one of his “Tricks” was to put his bare hands into the bee boxes, and we would watch as they would swarm on his arms like gloves. He was never stung. Not once! He always said they knew him, and liked how calm he was! Anyway, I would really, really miss all fruits- hello strawberries, and vegetables.

      1. Woah that so cool! I read bees wont sting unless threatened. I think they get a bad rep because or yellow jackets and wasps.

    1. Same. Did you know a colony produces an average of 50 pounds of honey in a regular season, and potentially up to 250 during a good season?

  1. I love bees! This is so important. I would miss honey, avocados, apples, almonds, etc! I’d miss the cute little bees buzzing around!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is such a nice giveaway! I think have most of the flowers in my yard, not because of my effort (my mom is has a green thumb). I will share this giveaway on my social media! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for bringing forward the plight of the honey bees. It really is a problem. And I think many people who make a profit at the expense of bees don’t want to think about long-term repercussions. It’s great that there are little things we can do to help.

    1. It’s hard because corn is this incredible renewable energy source but the pesticides from growing corn is ruining our hives.

  4. It is quite sad that bees are dying – extinction will mean no more natural cross pollination of plants. I am just waiting for spring so that I can plant some herbs in the garden – my little bit to save the bees.

  5. Ever since going vegan, I’ve learned a lot more about how important bees are too our everyday lives! I love that you’ve taken initiative in saving the BEES!

  6. I would die without almond milk!! My honey nut cheerios would never be the same! #savethebees πŸ’›πŸ

  7. I would miss honey. My dad has always had beehives since I was little. They are very important creatures and I hope people can learn how important they really are to everyone.

  8. I would miss so many foods & fruits they help make, but the one I would miss the most is Kiwi Fruit!

    I would miss so many foods & fruits they help make, but the one I would miss the most is Kiwi Fruit!

  9. I would miss honey. It goes in everything from my tea, to on top of my waffles, to being used a sweetener or a rub when cooking. So yummy.

  10. “Leave a comment with the food you would miss most if bees disappeared and why you would miss it!” I would miss honey! There is nothing else like it!

    (Your “Latest Adventures” heading and pictures block virtually all of this comment widget in multiple browsers. I’m not sure I’ll even manage to click on the comment button that is 99% hidden.)

  11. I would miss having delicious fruits and veggies if bees disappeared! We’d have no little helpers to help pollinate our crops!

  12. I would miss honey because it is so versatile. I use it in marinades for chicken and salmon. I use it to sweeten my tea.

  13. I love bees they are all in my vegetable and flower garden. Doing there job . My friend just bought a bee box and she loves it. Bees are a very important part of a garden and of course honey oh yummy.

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