“Anne” Society Plus lace skirt; OOTD

Society-Plus is bae when it comes to their skirt selection. They recently sent me their newest pencil “Anne” Society Plus lace skirt just in time for back-to-school season. Now, I’m no longer a student but I make an effort to fill my closet with new styles with the change of seasons. I especially enjoy back-to-school shopping so I take advantage of the sales and new style by doing my own version. I still shop for stationary and cute office supplies like every other high schooler, right?

“Anne” Society Plus lace skirt

"Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt

This white Society Plus lace skirt  came just in time, as my last lace skirt unfortunately got too small for me. I had bought a lace skirt from Burlington Coat Factory several years ago, and it made an appearance on the blog on more than one occasion.

Every closet can benefit from a lace skirt for a few reasons:

  1. Can easily transition between seasons.
  2. Elastic waist band, plus a zipper, means you can be comfy but still have structure.
  3. Pairs well with almost ANYTHING.
  4. Adds a feminine boho touch to any outfit

Also, at $50 this skirt is a steal! For how many times you will wear it investing in a decent quality lace skirt is well worth the time and money. I can’t tell you how many days and evenings I defaulted to my lace skirt when I didn’t know what to wear.

"Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt

Society Plus Lace skirt transcends all seasons

Maybe it is just because Southern California sun means that we get 75 degree weather all year round, but a lace skirt has been my god-save. When I have no idea what to wear, I default to neutrals like cream and white. Why would a plus size girl default to white? Simple, it’s casual and pairs well with almost anything. As you know, I don’t like wearing black.

Though not the same plus lace skirt, I have worn a similar style previously on the blog:

Lace skirts are versatile AF. Pair them with a flannel and you have an instant fall look perfect for back-to-school. You can also wear your lace skirt with a floral top, graphic t-shirt and denim jacket, or crop top..literally there are so many options for you.

"Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt "Anne" Society Plus lace skirt

It’s important to invest money in pieces that fit well and can be worn often. I recently learned my lesson on this one. I bought a pair of espadrilles that were ADORABLE! Alas, I wore like ten times and they have already begun to fall apart. Owning staple pieces that can transition from summer to fall can help you build a wardrobe that speaks to you and your style. Nothing is worst than the day your favorite pair of jeans, or ol’ faithful bra, breaks for good. Spend a little extra on pieces that can make getting dressed in the morning easy.

Buy the “Anne” Society Plus lace skirt

Society plus is currently having 30-40% off sitewide! So get your lace skirt before the price goes up.

Anne Lace Skirt – White – $48.99 
Nothing says class and beauty like this lace skirt! You’ll love the bold yet elegant lace design and stretch lining to keep you covered. This skirt also features an elastic waist and is a Society+ exclusive. Society+ Exclusive Has Stretch Zipper Chemical Lace Fabric Stretch Lining Elastic Waist.

I’m wearing a size 16 in this outfit. See how other curvy bloggers styled their Anne white lace skirt.


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  1. I love that skirt! It’s so dainty and pretty. And I totally agree on investing a little bit more on pieces that will last longer!

  2. Hi Bianca!
    I just stumbled on your page this week and you are just so inspirational! I love your positivity and self confidence. I lost my step Mom and went into a really bad depression and the meds they had me taking caused me to gain a lot of weight. I am finally starting to feel beautiful again. Your page just really inspired me to want to try to look nice so i feel pretty again. I am getting married next year and I just ordered this skirt for my engagement photos! You are absolutely beautiful and thank you for posting all you do!


    1. Congratulations JordannAlycia! That’s so exciting. I’m getting married next year too 🙂 Umm that is GREAT idea. Totally going to wear this skirt for an engagement shoot. Glad to be of help and sorry about your mom.

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