Little Havana style in Southern California; OOTD

You don’t need to hop on a plane to travel to experience a different culture. I recently went to a car show that had me transported to Little Havana in Miami. I haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Cuba yet, but I feel that Cuban vibe while surrounded by men in Guayabera style shirts, low rider cars with the top down, and festive music. With my straw fedora and off-the-shoulder shirt, I felt like my outfit matched the Little Havana style of this part of the car show.

Little Havana style in Southern California

Plus size little havana style outfit Plus size little havana style outfit Plus size little havana style outfit

On this day, I spent more than 15 hours outside in the hot San Diego sun. In an effort to be a crusader for the plus size community and body positive internet women, I took one for the team. I spent all day testing the Perfect Sculpt strapless bra for the sake of my blog.

I wanted to test just how well the sticky bra with the laces would hold up on a large chest, during the sweaty months, and all day wear. You can read my review of the Perfect Sculpt bra now and see if you want to give it a try. Let’s just say I spent a lot of the day readjusting it in the port-o-potties closest to our stand.

Even though I was slightly uncomfortable, without the strapless bra I would have had the chance to rock this Little Havana style outfit. It also helped me keep cool during this hot day because I didn’t have to deal with sleeves or a tight tank top.

Plus size little havana style outfit Plus size little havana style outfit Plus size little havana style outfit

Off-the-shoulder tops and strapless bras

The off-the-shoulder top is SO TRENDY right now. It seems like in fall and winter, plus size fashion trends were all about cutting the shoulders out of our tops. In spring and summer of 2017, we are seeing everyone in off-the-shoulder shirts. I try to stay clear of styles that are dating. When EVERYONE wears something, it tends to quickly go out of style as it did come in to style. When you are plus size, you don’t really have the luxury of tossing or donating clothes every time it goes out of style. Hence, I stay away from pieces that are “all the rage.”

This off-the-shoulder top was a gift to me from the squad over at Dia & Co. If you struggle with coming up with your own style, Dia & Co will ask you a few questions about your preferences and do your shopping for you. Every month they send over a curated box and you can keep or send back items as you want (free of charge). There is a monthly membership fee, but it is a HUGE help for those who are still discovering what they like.

Plus size little havana style outfit Plus size little havana style outfit

Pretending I am in Little Havana

It’s hard to be a plus size travel blogger without a travel plan. I NEVER travel during summer time. It just isn’t a good time to adventure to other countries. Everyone is either on summer break, “studying” abroad, or are on vacation. I mean Europeans often take off a whole month during the summer to vacation and recharge. If you want good prices and low crowds, do not travel in summer. For now, I will just pretend that I am in Little Havana, or better yet the real Havana.

Good news is, I have a few trips coming up! If you have any suggestions for:

  • Sequoia national park in September
  • Prague in October
  • New York in November

Let me know!

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