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Today marks the beginning of the end, the end of SUMMER that is! Labor Day weekend used to be a time of sadness for me growing up. The days are getting shorter and the nights are colder. Unless you live in Southern California and are experiencing the LA Heatwave like we have been. Luckily we got our first taste of rain yesterday that had me craving crisp autumn nights.

Old Town Orange had an international food festival this weekend that had me wishing I would have worn flat shoes and short sleeve. Today’s Plus-Size-Outfit-of-the-Day features a trend that has been around since winter: Bell Sleeves!

Plus size boohoo Bell Sleeves

Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves

You might remember this blouse from my Japan trip.

It was a bad bad bad mistake to wear such large statement sleeves for a food festival. Imagine, barbecue sauce running down my arms eating ribs and shaved ice melting over its cone. What a terrible time to decide to wear heels and dramatic sleeves…As I stood in the hot sun, sweat dripping down my back, BBQ sauce soaking into the ruffles, I knew I had fucked up.

The fiance and I grabbed a Hawaiian shaved ice to-go and I headed back home to change into something more practical. Luckily, I made sure we grabbed some shots of my look before I turned it into a napkin.

If you have plans tackle one last summer food festival this season here are some tips:

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Most food festivals are on grass or hard pavement and there are not a lot of places to sit.
  • Wear a t-shirt so you don’t have to worry about rolling up your sleeves.
  • Bring wet naps just in case.
  • Bring your own water bottle. Drinks are almost as much as food.
  • Carry a backpack so you can maneuver through the stalls with both hands free.

Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves

Plus size trend: bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are the perfect trend to get you into autumn. They add a little flair to the traditional long sleeve shirt and makes you feel that much EXTRA. Wether you are headed back-to-school or just back-to-the-office a bell sleeve blouse is a delicate and simple detail to add to your look.

One issue I run into while getting dressed for the office, is how to show my individual style and stand-out without going over the top. Am I the only one feels like this is a challenge? We are constantly being told that we need to be ourselves and separate ourselves from the crowd if we want to move ahead. It’s that way in school, it’s that way in the office, it’s even that way in the blog world. But, in the professional world, flamboyant and hyper feminine clothing is often scrutinized as being weak or unprofessional. Bell sleeves are that that middle ground between personal expression and professional declaration.

Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves Plus size boohoo bell sleeves

Another reason why I had to pull out this look, “no white after Labor Day” rule. Not really though. Every year, my whites last me long into the fall and winter fashion seasons. Why? First, because Southern California is mild and sunny all year round. We rarely drop below 70 degrees, except for at night. Second, who the frick cares. I did some research into why this was a “fashion rule” and apparently it has to do with how those New England elitists used to summer back in the day. Their airy white fabrics didn’t translate back to their city life after moving from their beach home in the Hamptons. As a result, this heinous rule popped up. It’s ludicrous especially since the West Coast doesn’t play by those rules.

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