Your 2017 Plus Size Fall Style Guide

Fall 2017 Plus Size Style Guide Fall 2017 Plus Size Style Guide

Look no further, your plus size fall style guide is here! Good bye August, and hello September. I don’t care what people say, pumpkin spice season is the best season. Fall is my season to rejoice. I live for the cold crisp mornings, dew on the grass, and long nights. But most of all, I live for fall styles. It’s very cliche for a fat woman to enjoy the months where she gets to cover up her body. I don’t know anyone who enjoys sitting around in their own sweat, but it seems like people still want to judge others on what they wear. So, I admit I am a plus size basic bitch.

The days where I can indulge in a hot coffee, wrap a scarf around my neck, and jump in puddles with my rain boots are everything. These are some of my staple plus size fall wardrobe pieces for 2017.

Your 2017 Plus Size Fall Style Guide

  1. Faux fur statement pieces
  2. Pleather pants
  3. Suede over-the-knee boots
  4. Neutral toned booties
  5. Rain boots
  6. Blanket scarf
  7. Waterproof raincoat
  8. Oversized knit sweaters
  9. Dark matte lips
  10. A cute umbrella


Faux fur statement pieces

There’s a reason why we associate fur with fall and winter. Since the dawn of man, we have been wearing furs for survival and to keep us warm during the colder months. Nothing says “welcome fall” quite like a faux fur accessory to add to your cozy flannel outfits this year.

Outfits featuring faux fur for fall:

Pleather pants

Black jeans are so simple. Punch up your wardrobe with some plus size pleather leggings. Regular cotton stretch leggings may be comfortable but can easily look sloppy. Plus size fashion is finally ready to introduce us to more leather pant styles that are affordable.

Suede over-the-knee boots

I struggle when it comes to finding cute boots for fall, damn you wide calves. But don’t worry, I’ve pulled together a few wide calf over-the-knee boots for you here, plus some. Now your short dresses, tunics, shorts and tiny skirts can transition over to the colder months and still look fall appropriate.

Outfits featuring OTK boots:

Neutral toned booties

Every fall I am sure to add another pair of neutral toned booties to my shoe collection. When you are plus size, there is nothing more satisfying than shoe shopping. It doesn’t really matter how much weight you gain or lose, your foot size stays the same. A few years ago I added some studded suede booties, then came my cut-out booties, and then my green booties. Here are a few cute fall booties to start your collection.

Rain boots

Since my trip to Baltimore, Maryland I have been waiting for the day I can wear my rain boots and new rain coat. Depending on your comfort level, I highly suggest indulging in a pair of bright colored rain boots. I have the Jessica Simpson rain boots, which sit below my calves so I don’t have to worry about buy a wide-calf version. My least favorite feeling is having to remove a sweaty calf from a rain boot. It’s like pulling your arm out of your sink’s drain pipe after it has been clogged for a day. I also really like the yellow croc rain boots.

Blanket scarf

This is one of my favorite travel accessories. It saved my butt when I was traveling through Europe last year during October. A blanket scarf in a secondary neutral like olive, burgundy or navy is a great layering piece this fall. Just like shoes, scarves are actually fun to buy since they aren’t subject to fickle plus size sizing.

Waterproof rain coat

After my incredibly wet trip to Montenegro, I knew I needed a rain coat or two this year. Plus size travelers can’t risk bringing multiple large jackets with them. Having a single waterproof rain coat can keep you warm, style up your fall wardrobe and keep you dry. I recently bought an olive coat with a faux fur trim for my upcoming New York trip!

Oversized knit sweaters

Oversized knit sweaters are a year round staple in this curvy girl’s wardrobe. Wether it is summer, spring or fall I love working oversized knit sweaters into my outfit. Of course summers in Los Angeles are a little too warm to wear all day, but for trips to the movies or even a bonfire, an oversized knit is a great way to stay snuggly this fall.

Dark matte lips

Continuing from last year’s trend of dark lips, dark matte lips are still a girl’s best friend this fall. My fall style guide tip is to pick a few shades in dark lip stains. At first glance they may look identical but pick ones with different undertones like brown, red, and purple. I have linked the dark purple matte lip I wore in my recent overall outfit below.

A cute umbrella

Maybe it is my love of anime growing up but I love a cute umbrella. Like a rain coat, an umbrella is functional and stylish. If you live in a rainy area, get an umbrella that folds up. My personal favorite are the clear bubble umbrellas that don’t distract from brighter parts of my outfit. If you opt for a colored rain coat, stick to a more simple style of umbrella.




Use this 2017 plus size fall style guide to help you pick new items to add to your wardrobe for back-to-school season. Wether you are student, mom, or girl-on-the-go these simple, functional, and affordable additions to your wardrobe will keep you looking cute as fudge for the gram.


Do you have a fall staple you would add to this 2017 Plus Size Fall Style Guide? Let me know by leaving a comment!


  1. Over the Knee Boots are my fav during the Fall Months. They make your legs look super long and add a bit of edge to any look. All of your suggestions are bang on. I am going to try and add some faux pieces to my collection for Fall. –

    1. Agree! I don’t know what it is about them but they really do make your legs look longer and really sexify almost any outfit. Hello, oversized t-shirt and OTK boots LOL.

  2. Yes totally here for all your fashion trends for sure. I love boot season it just feels so right for the fall. My favorite would be a dark lip so perfect!

    1. I always thought I wouldn’t be able to pull off lip colors but after wearing them for a while and not giving a crap, I’ve learned to love them. A lot like how I became obsessed with hats.

  3. That white forever 21 faux fur backpack.. young 90s me would have definitely carried that.. and i probably still would.

    Rocket Dogs also has some really interesting rain boots right now, and winter boots too, tempted to get some but I live in a place that is warm and dry most of the time.

    1. Same! It doesnt rain much in souther california.. but when it does i’m always like “next time it rains I’ll have rainboots” 😂 the yellow croc ones have me tempted for a second pair

  4. I love a lot of things about fall weather wear but, my favorites are the sweaters, knee high boots and fall colors. Give me a baggy sweater, comfy knee high boots in fall shades and I’m set.

    1. I can just imagine that look right now.. GIMME! Throw a cup of coffee in my hand and a Travel and Leisure magazine and it’s the perfect afternoon.

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