Adventureland Disney Hawaiian Shirt; OOTD

Adventure is out there! I am HUGE Disney fan. At this year’s D23 convention I scored an exclusive Hawaiian style at the event – the Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt. Two of Disneyland’s iconic five lands had Hawaiian shirt patters available at 2017’s D23, back in July. Because purple is my favorite color, I bought the Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt, and my fiance bought the orange Frontierland shirt.

Personally, my favorite area in Disneyland is New Orleans Square. Could you imagine just how cute a purple Hawaiian shirt would be with hitch hiking ghosts, Mardi Gras beads, and pirates booty on it? Maybe next year.

Adventureland Disney Hawaiian Shirt

Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9 Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9 Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9

This plus size Disneyland outfit is a great example of how you can’t limit yourself by labels or numbers. My Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt is a men’s Large, my boyfriend jeans are a size 16, and these 70’s style sunglasses were borrowed from a friend. If you limit your style by what is considered “clothes” or “women’s fashion” you hinder your ability for self expression.

Early this year, I gave up the word “flattering” from my vocabulary. I feel like it is a word that makes the individual subject to external validation. From my pudgey exposed belly, saggy mom jeans, and voluptuous arms, I would say there is very little to this Disneyland outfit that is actually “flattering.” BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN. What reason do you need to wear anything besides that you like it or that it makes you happy?

After years of searching for a cute Hawaiian shirt, I finally found one that is also personal to me.

Tips for styling a men’s Hawaiian shirt

  • Buy it a size up. Men don’t often have a chest size that rival’s women’s. To make space for your girls, go up a size to avoid button gaping.
  • Play with the length of the sleeves. I roll mine up to make the sleeves more feminine and less chunky.
  • Tie it up. Adjust with the length of the shirt to play up your shape. Try a center tie or side tie to make your look more interesting.
  • Tuck it in. Mom jeans are trendy and make it really easy to tuck oversized shirts into.


You can buy them on Ebay, but they are kind of pricey now

Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9 Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9 Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt 9

Halloween time at Disneyland

The spookiest time of the year is almost upon us. I have an annual ritual where I do not put up any Halloween or indulge in fall activities until the official first day of fall. This year, fall is not until September 22nd, but Disneyland is celebrating early. On friday, Disneyland erected their annual Halloween decorations for park guests to enjoy. The magical fairies used their pixie dust to transform the park into a Halloween spooktacular unlike any year prior.

Disneyland delicately drapes orange cloth around Main Street, and every light post has fall foliage and warm lights. The main attraction in the park is giant Mickey Mouse jack-o-lantern that sits in the center of Main Street outside of the train station. Everyone lines up to take a picture with the jack-o-lantern, but my favorite is the Haunted Mansion. Starting September, Disney’s Nightmare Before Christmas takes over the Haunted Mansion every year. The ride tends to see an influx of popularity during this time, reaching two hours or more of a wait. It’s well worth it though.

Adventureland Disney Hawaiian shirt Halloween Disneyland decorations

This year, Disney did something special and brought the Halloween magic to California Adventure. I was skeptical at first, but Disney really outdid itself. Unlike Disneyland, California Adventure plays spooky music at night and really lights up with the spirit of Halloween.

My Adventurland shirt now sells for $200 on ebay! (wow)

Recreate the outfit


  1. Cute shirt! I live just an hour from Disney and haven’t been there in forever. But I know people who go all the time – even people who don’t have kids! I think you’re right that you shouldn’t feel limited, no matter what your size. There are so many options out there these days that everyone can find their personal style if they put some time and thought into what feels good for them.

    1. I am definitely one of those people! I find Disneyland a ton of fun without kids. I’ve only ever been once with kiddos and I spent the whole time making sure they didn’t get lost (it was a drag).

    1. The one thing about plus size mom jeans is that I can’t find some real vintage ones! The one downside of modern style is that if you want the real thing, plus sizes were extremely limited. But there are some stores that create modern knockoffs of the mom jean styles 🙂

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