Dip, Slurp, Enjoy! Tsukemen ramen at Tsujita LA

Follow me on Instagram and you know I love noodles! Every day there is some form of post with reference to my obsession with noodz. After our camping trip this weekend my fiance and I took at trip to Tsujita LA, the Asian foodie capitol of the US, for tsukemen ramen. Tsukemen ramen is also known as “dip” ramen. Where the egg noodle are kept separate from the soup. The soup is a strong heavy flavor with a hot chili oil and soft bean sprouts.

Tsukemen ramen at Tsujita LA

This is my second time having tsukemen ramen, so I am by no means an expert. I had originally tried it at a chain that came straight from Tokyo. Kitakata ramen in Buena Park in Orange County had high ratings as an authentic tsukemen ramen spot. When we had arrived to Kitakata the wait was about an hour to enter the small but quaint noodle spot. Our hopes were high, but nevertheless were let down.
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When my fiance and I had visited Tokyo earlier this year, we had our first experience with tsukemen ramen. On a spur of the moment decision, we had followed our noses down an underground marble stairway in the business district to a small dark tsukemen shop. The aroma in the air was pungent with the smell of dried shrimp. We ordered the first noodle option off the vending machine unsure of what it was and was presented with the most flavorful ramen experience ever!

Tsujita LA tsukemen ramen Tsujita LA tsukemen ramen

Tsukemen dip ramen in Tsujita LA annex artisanal noodle

Fast forward to today and Jay and I are still looking for that same Japanese experience. When we came across a list of LA Tsukemen spots to try, we had to eat at one of these tsukemen ramen shops in LA. Tsujita LA is the new and trendier spot on Sawtelle. The line for this spot was almost an hour and the corner was heavily crowded due to the other individuals waiting for surrounding restaurants too. Jay and I hopped over to Tsujita annex LA, where the wait was only 5 minutes.

Tsujita LA Annex location has hefty bowls of tsukemen, supposedly larger than its sister location across the street. Mostly known for their cream tonkotsu broth, Tsujita LA Annex has become popular for their large bowls of garlicy tsukemen ramen. Their noodles cooked perfectly and layered prettily within the bowl, then blanketed under a layer of pork, it is a food experience.

Tsujita LA tsukemen ramen

My review of Tsujita LA

If you prefer bland food, please don’t eat at Tsujita. Between the intense garlic and pork aroma, hearty, yet comforting, heat, and cold al dente noodle, you are constantly left wanting another bite.
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    1. LOL only could make it 30 seconds before my food gets cold. It is so good! In fact I am eating the left over tsujita soup right now. Even better the next day.

    1. Wow! I’ve never met anyone from Lithuania. Thanks for visiting my blog 😛 Give it a few years and I’m sure Japanese food will make its way there.

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