Fall Style Crop Knit Sweater; OOTD

My first fall style outfit is here! Too bad SoCal is still a sweltering 80 degrees. On the plus size, I mean side, at least the night times are starting to cool down. I finally get to swap out my sleeveless dresses for a few knit sweaters and knit cardigans. I’ve missed them so much this year. This year’s obsession is crop knit sweaters.

This plus size crop knit sweater look is inspired by an old winter look from Garner Style. I loved the way the crop knit sweater hugged the curves without being restrictive. When I found this cream knit sweater at Anthropologie I know I could easily work it into my fat girl wardrobe for fall.

Fall Style Crop Knit Sweater

Crop knit sweater outfit Crop knit sweater outfit

The sleeves on the crop knit sweater are HUGE. They give an effortless look to a relatively basic outfit. Jeans a sweater? Groundbreaking. Of course it’s the details that make it come together. The dark lips balance out the cream sweater. The hint of pink in the heels add some color to this neutral look. Finally, the woven clutch brings added warmth.

While this outfit may look effortless, it took me a while to come up with a fall style that epitomized my attitude this season. I’m all about simple staple pieces that can easily be interchanged from season to season. These Jessica Simpson size 16 jeans are a great example of a quality basic that can be worn any time of the year. They stretch like crazy! Usually I am not a fan of super stretchy jeans because they get too loose by 3 PM, but these hold up. Kudos Jessica Simpson. You may not know the difference between tuna and chicken, but you know how to do plus size denim!

Crop knit sweater outfit Crop knit sweater outfit Crop knit sweater outfit

Annual fall rituals

Every fall I start it the same way. On the first day of fall I take out the autumn and Halloween decor to place around the house. The number of wicker pumpkins I own is almost embarrassing, I said almost. This year we did something a bit different. For the first weekend of fall, the fiance and I took our dog to Sequoia National Park for some good ol’ fresh air and tent camping.

What a great way to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Since we moved from Seattle we find that we miss seasons A LOT. Fall doesn’t mean much in California because it doesn’t go below 75 degrees often. Fall in SoCal means pumping up the AC to 60 degress and snuggling under a blanket with a cup of tea watching Gilmore Girls, pretending it’s rainy outside.

Traveling in October

Camping in Sequoia was a great way to transport us into the best season of the year. We bundled up, played amongst the trees, enjoyed the thin but fresh air, and made dinner by fire. We were thinking about making camping a regular thing. What do you think?

I also like to do a lot of traveling during October. Flights are cheaper and there are less people flying due to school. Hence, next week I will be headed to Prague! Blog posts will be on a halt while I’m there but look forward to more plus size packing and Exploring with B posts!

Crop knit sweater outfit Crop knit sweater outfit

If you are looking for a simple but versatile way to update your fall wardrobe this year, consider a crop knit sweater. The volume and weight of a knit sweater is sure to make up for the shorter length. You can even pair it with a sparkly pencil skirt for the holidays or over a flowing dress for a more bohemian look.

What is your favorite style to bring back in fall?

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