Eurotrip: Travel to Paris & Prague in the fall

Visiting Europe during Fall is one of my favorite things. In California, our fall season is no different from spring or winter never dipping below 75 and sunny. But in Europe, fall comes early. The chill nips your nose and you need parka, knit scarf and a hat. Oh joy! Last year I visited six different countries on my Eurotrip vacation, this year I took it slow. Mom and I visited Paris, Prague and did a quick shopping trip in Amsterdam.

Eurotrip: Paris & Prague in the fall


Paris, France

I had been dying to visit Paris for years now. My last trip was when I was 10 years old and barely remember anything about it. I do however remember my 6 year-old brother ordering chicken patte thinking he was ordering a chicken pattie, and ate the whole thing just to prove a point that he was a big kid and knew what he was ordering.

Selfie with eiffel tower

I often take trips to Paris when I read my F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway novels. But it never compares to actually visiting the city of love. This year, when my mom wanted to visit Prague, I knew I needed to fit a trip to Paris in too. Even if it was just for four days.

Shakespeare and Company

It was Paris Fashion Week while I was there so there were a ton of my favorite influencers in the city. But I was there for two things: sights and food. Before every trip I take, I make a list of places I need to see and foods I need to eat. I don’t focus so much on where “the best” food is because often its relative and find myself utterly let down my taking an effort away from the sights to find some not-so-hole-in-the-wall eatery.

Paris favorites:

Favorite dish I ate in Paris: Chocolate croissant

Favorite sight to see in Paris: Eiffel Tower lit up at sun down

Eiffel Tower at night

Here’s my Guide to Paris

Prague, Czech Republic

The only time I had really seen much from Prague is when Kafka makes an appearance at a coffee shop display or when my mom is talking about the Christmas market. Last year, my mom wanted to take a day trip to the Prague Christmas market for some shopping. I know, it sounds luxurious. She works for the airline so day trips to Prague is not out of the norm for her. To get a taste of Prague we spent four days taking in the sights.

Prague view bridge

Prague during Fall is beautiful, like gorgeous. The trees all have begun to change colors and the rain only sticks around for a few hours. The city is a weird mod podge of what feels like German, Dutch, Hungarian and French culture and architecture. I couldn’t get enough of what I referred to as Prague’s “macaroon houses.” They look like the row houses of Amsterdam but in fun light colors like French macaroons. The beauty of the city is only equalized by the “blunt” rude nature of Czech people. If customer service is a huge selling point for you, you may want to avoid Prague.

Prague favorites

Favorite dish I ate in Prague: Beef (or chicken) broth with noodles

Favorite sight to see in the Czech Republic: Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov at sunset


There’s more to Amsterdam than the red light district and marijuana edibles. Most Americans, when you tell them you are going to Amsterdam, nod their head and say “ahh” in a I-know-why-you-chose-Amsterdam kind of way. Last year I visited for a few days and did some of the tourist must-dos when in the Windmill city, this time we did a quick drop in for some shopping.

I had scored this AWESOME burnt mustard skirt from a store in Central Amsterdam for just 3 euros. When we landed at 4 PM, mom and I made a bee line for the train to do some good ol’ shopping in Central Amsterdam. I was prepared to not find anything after browsing stores in both Prague and Paris. Europe isn’t too plus size friendly. The large size runs pretty small and most stores stop at a size 12 US. Then I came across Primark in Amsterdam.

Oh.My.Gosh. Primark is the answer to all of our prayers and proves that plus size women don’t need their own “section” or line to feel included. Primark provides up to a size 16 US, and all of their clothes go up to a size 16. They keep their larger sizes with their regular sizes and, not surprisingly, most of their larger sizes were being snatched up. This just shows that plus size women do buy clothes in stores, and are happy to have the same shopping experience as straight sized people.

I snagged two styles that I had been dying to find:

  1. A faux furry pink jacket — faux fur jackets were EVERYWHERE in Paris, but no stores carried them in a size large enough to fit me. I found one at Bershka and it came in pink; dark green, blue, white, and yellow!
  2. Pant overalls — I have overall shorts, but for some reason plus size retailers wouldn’t make them in the pant form. I finally found a pair at Primark!

Luckily, I brought a spare duffel bag for all of the great new winter jackets I bought considering I forgot to pack for the fall weather.

This post is just to give you a few highlights of my latest trip. I’ll jump into more detail of each city and my itinerary for making the most of the few days I had at Paris and Prague. Have you been to either Paris or Prague? What was your experience? Comment and we can swap adventure stories.





    1. Oh I guess I never realized Nevada had more seasons than California haha. Christmas is always a weird time because December is still like 75 degrees and sunny.

  1. It sounds like you had a really good time, site seeing and shopping. I have always want to visit Prague, and I enjoyed the chocolate croissants in good ol’ Pari too, I found some at Trader Joe’s in the freezer section that are reminiscent, if you get the urge to have one.

    1. Really!? I would have never guessed. I told myself I would practice making croissants from scratch to bake on Christmas morning haha. If I realize I was being too ambitious. I now know where I can get a cheat 🙂

  2. Both of these cities are so gorgeous! I love Paris, but haven’t been to Prague yet. My fiance lived there for almost two years and fell in love with it, so I’m hoping he’ll take me someday!

  3. I went to Paris about sixteen years ago, but unfortunately, don’t remember a whole lot. I have been to Amsterdam too. My aunt lives near there. It’s a lovely city, and their Chinatown is pretty good too. However, I have never been to the Czech Republic that I remember.

    1. I loved it so much I went back again! I explored the store on the first day I got there. We visited Notre-Dame then hopped over to the Shakespeare and Company cafe for coffee then sifted through the books.

    1. Paris was definitely my favorite. Prague was beautiful. It probably would have been better if I just avoided talking to the people.

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