Wide calf navy OTK boots for Fall; OOTD

It’s boot weather! Years past I have whined and complained of the lack of boot options for plus size ladies and women with large calves. Finally, the retail gods have heard my plea and they are finally starting to make wide calf styles in the trendy boots we are seeing everywhere. Thank you Lane Bryant. Thank you to all of the people behind Lane Bryant for being an enabler and giving the over-the-knee (OTK) boots of my dreams.

Wide calf navy OTK boots for Fall

I could have bought the black wide calf OTK boots, but why be basic? I opted to get the Lane Bryant over-the-knee boot with block heel in medieval blue. These navy OTK boots by Lane Bryant are a lovely 18″! Yes, you read that right. When I bought them I thought they would be too big but thank goodness they are the perfect circumference for my wide calves and thick thighs.

Navy OTK boots wide calf Lane Bryant Navy OTK boots wide calf Lane Bryant

As much as society tells us that fat bodies are hideous globs of unworthiness, they sure do love to sexualize and fetishize us. I spent a lot of my teenage and adult years covering up and trying to play down my curves. I think this is why it has taken me so long to really come into full on heeled OTK boots. I’ve dabbled in wedged versions and flat OTK boots as “training wheels” and ease me into it. But there is something inherently sexy about a boot that goes all the way up your leg. Maybe it’s the years of associating them with dominatrix boots but it honestly took me far too long to find a pair that made me comfortable with this.

Navy OTK boots has me thinking #MeToo

#MeToo on social media really brought light to the women in my life that have experienced sexual harassment. But, I didn’t feel like sharing my story in a place like Facebook or even Twitter. But I will here. Sexual harassment in my earlier years has shaped a lot of my style choices and still hinder me today.

I remember at just 14 years-old a group of men had followed me to an airport water fountain and not only watched me lean over to drink from it but then said some pretty crude things to me. I ignored it as to hopefully make them go away, but the memory still lives with me. That year I also had a teacher call me by a nickname based on a word I had printed on the butt of my sweatpants.

Hence, fast forward 12 years and I still have an issue drawing attention to my body with the clothes I wear. Body acceptance is a journey with good days and bad days, and today it was a good day.

Navy OTK boots wide calf Lane Bryant Navy OTK boots wide calf Lane Bryant

OTK boot fall outfit inspiration

If you are like me, and wearing OTK boots with a body con dress or revealing outfit isn’t your jazz. You can wear a t-shirt dress like the one I am wearing to help keep you comfortable and still show off some leg. I loved this plain Zara t-shirt dress so much that I also got it in pink. My closet is full of comfortable and loose fitting short dresses to easily pair with booties and OTK boots like these.

Here are a few other OTK boot outfits you may find inspiration in:

Navy OTK boots wide calf Lane Bryant

These navy otk boots may seem like they are hard to pair at first, but don’t lose hope. You would be surprised at how well they go with all colors without looking as harsh as black does. Also the low heel is a god save! I wore these for a night out in LA for my friend’s birthday and my feet didn’t hurt the slightest bit. Plus, the ties in the back allow you to adjust and tighten the part around your thigh so there is minimal slippage.

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    1. Thanks! They’re a great alternative to leggings considering they cover almost my whole leg. Who needs to wear pants for 3 months straight in fall!

  1. Those boots look amazing on you! The colour is certainly a bold statement, but it works. Also, thanks for being brave enough to take part in #Metoo and share your story 🙂

    1. I was so surprised at how many people I knew experienced sexual harassment. You would think that schools and workplaces were a “safe place” but that isn’t always the case. I’m slowly getting over the need to hide my body to avoid attention.

  2. Girl, those boots are absolutely stunning!! That colour is SO gorgeous! I totally know the struggle i have small feet but wide soles and wide calves that make finding boots impossible!

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