Aubergine turtleneck sweater & suede mini; OOTD

It’s turtleneck sweater season! Now, SoCal doesn’t permit full-on turtleneck status, just micro turtleneck so bear with me here. There are two things I love about this look: 1) it’s ridiculously simple so you can recreate it with any color turtleneck sweater and neutral skirt 2) IT’S SO SOFT!

I just happened to wander into the Old Navy Friends and Family sale a few weeks ago (50% off your purchase say whaaat?!). Not planning on buying much, I managed to walk away with 2 dresses, jeans, a sweater, and a blouse. It was a pleasant surprise to find a number of different styled sweaters this season. Don’t worry I snagged a few dresses too.

Thanksgiving OOTD idea: Aubergine turtleneck sweater & suede mini

If you recall in last week’s fall PSOOTD, I snagged a pair of OTK boots for buy-one-get-one half off. Well these cabernet colored stretch ankle booties were the second pair I purchased! I’ve been in love with these style booties since last year. I refer to them as sock booties since it’s almost like wearing a sock on your foot.

I have a few outfits featuring ankle booties if you are looking for more outfit inspiration:

My fiance refers to these as my Ronald McDonald shoes. Pffffft what does he know. Ronald’s shoes are red vinyl and these are a soft velvet. I got them in a size 8W since I usually wear an 8 in booties but find that these run kind of big. I just throw on a pair of thicker socks and they work out fine.

maroon turtleneck sweater

Comfortable, cute and fat

This is one of the outfit ideas I had for Thanksgiving dinner. Isn’t it funny that on holidays we get all dressed up to just sit in a dining room for an hour? I fully enjoy getting ready for holiday dinners it makes them special from an everyday meal. Well, that and the fact that you (or mom) spent 8 hours cooking up a feast just to finish in 20 minutes.

Warm colors make for a great Thanksgiving dinner look. The flowing length of the turtleneck sweater can easily hide a food baby. It’s also so soft and comfortable that you can take a nap on the couch post-turkey and not feel like you are being suffocated.

Mock turtleneck high-low sweater

I rarely buy turtleneck sweaters because they often feel like they are trying to choke me. Cowl neck sweaters are a great alternative but with my large chest tend to look frumpy. This Old Navy turtleneck is perfect for me. I think it’s called a mock-neck because you can still roll it down like I did or wear it all the way up like a traditional turtleneck. Also, it’s high-low sweater where the front is shorter than the back which makes it GREAT for tucking in to a skirt or jeans.

In preparation for our own Thanksgiving dinner, I’ve been trying to come up with a new Thanksgiving side challenge for this year. Last year, I committed to a mashed potato challenge. 6 mashed potato recipes by 6 Food Network chefs. I left my fiance taste each of them to figure out which recipe we should go with. I’m thinking a stuffing challenge this year. What do you think?

Recreate the look


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