Pink faux fur jacket for the holidays; OOTD

On my trip to Paris and Prague, one thing stood out about the people there: their confidence. The Parisian’s ability to rock a pink faux fur jacket while sipping coffee at a cafe midday was inspirational. Though, mostly neutral colored furry jackets strutted the Champs Elysee, I noticed that the stores all over Europe were showcasing their fuzzy coats front and center.

Low and behold, I fly thousands of miles across the Atlantic and the furry coat trend has made its way to the USA. Now, I don’t feel as self conscious rocking my pink faux fur jacket. Though, I will say that Californians do give me some weird looks as it isn’t quite cold enough to wear jacket just yet.

Pink faux fur jacket for the holidays

Pink faux fur jacket Pink faux fur jacket

There are a few fall and winter 2017 trends going on in this outfit. First and foremost, the statement pink furry jacket is my favorite. Making your way down the outfit, I have the oddest denim trend of this year, frayed ankle jeans. I seriously thought this trend was so ugly. I still kind of do. But these jeans were so comfortable and affordable, I figured I needed a pair of unconventional jeans in my life. Then, my love of velvet booties extends to a purple velvet pair gifted to me by Charming Charlie.

My style has always been pretty low key with a flair of the urban modern day bohemian. I rarely wear a button or zip up fly but when I do I try to pair it with fun pieces that are comfortable and flowing. This crop purple faux wrap blouse balances our the tight fit of the jeans. If the booties are a bit of an overkill for you, you can easily swap them out for some loafers or flats. I’ve also wore this look with a black blazer for work.

Pink faux fur jacket Pink faux fur jacket

Pink furry jackets and other holiday must-haves

As the holidays are getting closer, I challenge you to really dabble in the style elements that leave you uncomfortable. Start searching for cute sparkly NYE dresses, velvet wrap dresses, and faux fur accessories. The holidays are a time to play dress up and celebrate that you made it through another year. 2017 has really been a shit pool of WTFs so we might as well go into 2018 willing to experiment and with a glimmer of hope.

This Bershka pink faux fur jacket is a size Large and has a clasp in the front.

Holiday style trends to incorporate:

Pink faux fur jacket Pink faux fur jacket Pink faux fur jacket

I am pretty picky about the synthetic fabrics I put on my body. One kicker about being plus size is that everything is more expensive. We get less to choose from, have to pay more, and get far less variety. As a result, a lot of our clothes tend to be way over priced for pretty mediocre fabric. When I touched this Bershka furry pink jacket, I crossed my fingers in hopes that it would fit. Bershka does not carry plus size clothing so I was hopping from store to store knowing that I probably wouldn’t find much. This jacket also comes in yellow, dark green and light blue!

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    1. I imagine your jackets are more for function rather than style. I wanted to bring it on my trip to New York but I knew it wasn’t going to keep me warm enough.

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