Flirty polkadot dress and brown faux fur vest; OOTD

I do the majority of my fall wardrobe shopping during the warm months of summer. I’ve been waiting all year for the California sun to cool its tits for 5 minutes so I can wear my latest brown faux fur vest!

A few years ago I snagged a white faux fur vest from Burlington and wore the bajeezers out of it. It didn’t matter the season, you could always catch me in my white faux fur vest. Alas, I needed a new one, and one that is of better quality. Since my first faux fur wardrobe item, my standards have risen. To compromise my finer taste with my beer budget, I needed to get a new vest during peak sale times. Hence, Summer is the best time to stock up on fall and winter clothes like this brown faux fur vest.

Flirty polkadot dress and brown faux fur vest

This casual fall outfit makes a great holiday party look. I am so over tight fitting, scratchy, and uncomfortable outfits during the holidays. Last year I wore a body con velvet dress and nearly died of suffocation between the Spanx and all of the food.

This year I resolved to dress up more often but prioritize my comfort first. I cut my hair last year to force myself to dress up and TRY to look good, to feel good. It worked and I feel prettier now more than ever, but sometimes I feel like I need to dress up to find my confidence. Often that confidence comes with me feeling and looking my best. In 2018 I want to resolve to putting my feelings and comfort first so I can always be the best person I can for the people I love in my life.

Little festive details

Little details like ruffles, polkadots, or even hipster glasses make me feel pretty. Now, note that I said “feel” and not “look.” There are people in my life would say my style is eclectic and not very pretty. This year I said screw being pretty. My life will never be fulfilling if I am constantly trying to please others.

Isn’t the holidays meant for reflecting on the year and those around you?That’s why I’m closing out the year with outfit details that make me feel pretty so that I can give off the positive energy my friends and family deserve.

Side note: This asian mini rice cooker purse is actually a jewelry box! I found the jewelry box while rummaging through Goodwill. I think some of the best style is built on finding beauty and use out of pieces that wouldn’t normally be used as clothing. This jewelry box is a great of example of upcycling and turning function into fashion.

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  1. I think you look very pretty. I like the different textures of the outfit, the wooden purse is a really nice touch, and definitely looks more like a purse than a jewellery box to me.
    It looks like the vest is reversible (?) which will be nice as it’s more versatile this way šŸ™‚

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