Thrifted vintage hipster; OOTD

Need a dose of vintage hipster for this week’s PSOOTD? I couldn’t go back to the city that birthed the US grunge movement in the 90s without hitting a few thrift stores. This awesome PapaOrginal brown floral print jacket was a last minute fine at a Goodwill in Seattle. I know nothing about the label or the quality of fabric since the tag is in Korean.

The print looks like a hideous couch pattern your Grandpa Earl who lives in New Mexico would have had in the 1960s. I guess that is what drew me to the jacket in the first place.

Thrifted vintage hipster outfit

I used to be a really big secondhand shopper a few years ago. Until I realized that I had a closet full of ill fitting clothes and nothing that really went together, I gave it up. Every once in a while I will stumble back into a Goodwill and browse the racks for cool things I can’t get in stores. That’s the one benefit of thrifting, is that you can get styles that aren’t “in” or popular. Not too many main stream stores offer a vintage hipster style for curvy women.

It’s difficult to thrift shop when you are plus size though. Most plus size sections are few and far between with most jean racks stopping at a size 16. It can be a bit discouraging when even the clothes that aren’t in style still don’t fit, but alas if you do find a cool item then WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER.

This vintage leather latch bag is also from a local Goodwill store in Orange County. I figured the Grandpa-esque style of both the bag and the jacket went well together. What do you think?

RWN by Rawan plus size jeans

Let’s take a second and talk about these ankle length jeans. The awesome team over at Dia & Co that sent me this off-the-shoulder shirt over the summer, also picked out these grey two-toned high-waisted jeans from RWN by Rawan. My favorite part about this brand, is that inside the jeans, on the pocket, has inspiration words. For example, this pair says “You make these jeans look GOOD.” Now if that isn’t uplifting, I don’t know what is.

I wore this outfit to a recent car show with my fiance. I was a little tired or looking at cars. Only natural that I would find myself at a dingy shop for a pizza and Snapple break.

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  1. Some of my favorite fashion posts involve thrifted clothes – you should definetely continue them! I am trying to think if I would have stopped at the sight of this coat, but I don’t think I would have for the same reason you sort of mentioned – it really does look like a couch covering, lol.

  2. Love vintage thrift shops! But! I probably wouldn’t have stopped to check out that coat, I could never pull it off like you did!! Great post… Love the last photo the best… PIZZA!!!

  3. I love the casual vibe of your outfit. I am a sneaker girl too! Your jacket is so pretty, it just blended well with the jeans and white top. Thanks for sharing your style inspiration. Oh, BTW, I get bored at car shows too. 🙂

    1. Right? After you’ve seen a handful of cars you’ve seen them all. The sneaker trend is by far the best thing to happen to fashion.

    1. It feels very Harry Potter-esque and vintage. I wish there was a label on it but alas it’s nameless. I really like this bag for traveling. I took it with me to Europe and with the latch, zippers and velcro it was pretty much anti-theft.

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