World’s Most Fairytale town: Quick guide to CESKY KRUMLOV

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Cesky Krumlov is the most fairytale town in the world. You hop off the bus and walk over the hill to a scene that is straight out of a Disney story. When planning our trip to Prague this October, we knew we needed to dedicate a day trip to Cesky Krumlov.

Day trip to Cesky Krumlov in fall


The Czech Republic is a beautiful country, fully of narrow cobble stone walkways and cultural art. While the city of Prague is beautiful and there are so many things to do there, it’s good to get out of the downtown area. The countryside of Czech Republic has a lot to offer in the way of food and history. Come for the views and stay for Krumlov’s massive pork knees.

How to get to Cesky Krumlov from Prague

When my mom and I touched down in our Airbnb in Prague, we immediately asked our host for how to get to Cesky Krumlov. She said there were plenty of tour busses that could take us on our day trip and all we had to do is go into the Prague city center to book it. Well, being that we are technology first, we scoured the internet for a good deal on a tour of Krumlov. Only to be let down by the high prices and lack of bookable options.

Let down and little hungry, we ventured into Prague square for a trdelnik and a coffee. After admiring the Astronomical Tower we spotted the tourist center in town square and decided to ask about day trips.

Prague tourist center

The tourist center was SO HELPFUL! They used their local agency database to connect us with local tour groups that would take us to Cesky Krumlov round-trip for half the price of what the internet companies were charging. Online, tour groups wanted 300 czk. At the tourist center, we were connected with a bus company that only charged 72 czk round-trip. The catch, we had to walk to the bus station outside of the city center to buy the bus tickets.

We bought two round-trip bus tickets on RegioJet’s Student Agency for the next day AS WELL AS booked our Kutna Hora tickets. We booked an early 7 AM bus ride, arriving at 10 AM and stayed until about 6 PM. The perfect amount of time to enjoy the town sites plus a leisurely lunch and local entertainment.

Things to do in Cesky Krumlov

After you have gotten over the sheer beauty of the rooftops against the Cesky Krumlov sky and river running around the town, you can begin your adventure in one of the most beautiful cities ever. Beware, you will be met with beautiful views from every ledge, corner, and street way in the town. It’s very easy to get distracted.

In the low season, like in October, the town offers free tours with an actual tour guide. They walk you through the best sites in the city and give you a history of the main tourist attractions.

6 Things to do in Krumlov on your day trip

If the tour isn’t available to your, or you are a bigger fan of self guided tours, make sure to check out:

  1. Cesky Krumlov Castle – Walk to the top of the Castle tower for a beautiful view of the town.
  2. Castle Gardens – Start from the back end and see the British style garden first, the walk back the way you came to enjoy the French style garden.
  3. Church of St. Vitus – It’s a pretty church.
  4. Enjoy a pork knee by the river – So good and can easily be split by two people.
  5. Drink a Pilsner and listen to the street performers – The owner of Bata, that you see through much of Europe, came from the Czech Republic.

On our way out of the town, we had the pleasure of getting to see a rare side to the local youths of Krumlov. Two young children jumped out at us from inside a shop, mooned us their bare bottoms, flipped us the finger, and ran off. IT WAS HILARIOUS. A great reminder that even the most fairytale villages have some trouble makers.

Cesky Krumlov sunset

We also saw a special renaissance theater group that were staying in a local hotel. The group were taking photos by the town entrance in full own medieval garb. This day trip was a such a colorful array of individuals that will stick with me forever.

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Have you visited Cesky Krumlov? How was your trip? Comment below and share your favorite memory.



  1. This looks like an absolute dreeeeeeeeeeam! Seriously, I have the travel bug so bad right now, but can’t fit it into my budget. That’s the beauty of blogs and photos online, because you can get glimpses of traveling without going 🙂

  2. I had actually never heard of this town before. I am amazed by the towns beauty! I really want to go here now! Thank you for sharing this, your pictures are stunning!

    1. I had seen the Cesky Krumlov on Buzzfeed a year or two ago and had always wanted to visit Prague. So I figured I had to make a trip 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness I want to go here so much now!!! It sounds absolutely lovely and your photographs are absolutely beautiful… I’m definitely pinning this to save!

    1. Ah man! I had that same womp womp feeling after going to Croatia last year and seeing all the things I missed. I guess you’ll just have to make a return trip to Czech Republic (;

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