Winter Mini Skirt & Cropped Knit Sweater; OOTD

California winters are the best. While the rest of the country falls into a deep freeze, I still can rock a mini skirt and crop top. Plus size winter style is easy to get used to when it combines your favorite things: mini skirts and knit sweaters.

My friend and I visited a local wellness retreat in Orange County. The wellness retreat was a haven for crystal collectors, yoga enthusiasts, and healthy eaters. It was a great look into an alternate lifestyle that didn’t focus on weight loss for health or completing Spartan races as your 2018 resolutions.

Winter Mini Skirt & Cropped Knit Sweater

Cropped knit mini skirt outfit
When in doubt, I always wear tennis shoes. You have probably noticed that in most of my outfits I opt for comfort. This goes back to embracing who I am and self care. Sometimes, as a blogger, I often feel like I am competing with my fellow style bloggers for likes and followers. I recognized this as being extremely toxic behavior. We set our own pace and find our own tribes to run with so we can’t use social media or even blogs to set “standards.” it’s quite unfair and results in homogeny of content. Who else was tired of seeing that same old basket Cult Gaia bag this summer?

When I had started blogging, I often associated heels with being fashionable. Outfits with heels seemed to get more attention than casual looks. But, truth is, when I went to events in heels I always had a really shitty time. I was often cranky, swaying from left to right for just a moment of relief on one foot. All I wanted to do was go home. Once I started wearing stylish flats and comfortable athletic sneakers to events, I finally started meeting people again. Why? Because i actually enjoyed being there.

I felt totally at home with the crowd at the wellness retreat. Most attendees were wearing yoga pants, gypsy skirts, or maxi dresses. I felt totally at home here and got a lot of great outfit inspiration.

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  1. I live right near you in SoCal. And I’ve been freezing in this wintery, 61 degree! But I’m totally with you on the tennis shoes. Comfy feet are happy feet. Super cute outfit!

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