These 10 Curvy ASIAN bloggers are Smashing Stereotypes

When I first started blogging, curvy bloggers were few and far between. There were a handful of Asian bloggers that dominated the interwebs. Seeing curvy Asian bloggers paving the way has always been rare.

I felt like diversity in the blog world was little to none. The only non-white Asian bloggers were Aimee Song, Chriselle Lim and Wendy Nguyen. I loved seeing how they styled crisp linen shirts and trousers. Alas, I felt a bit jaded because all of the big name representation were fashion focussed and dainty. They all had gorgeous high fashion style, but nothing that I could find inspiration from.

10 Curvy Asian Bloggers Smashing Stereotypes Everyday

Thanks to platforms like Youtube and Instagram, social media enabled me to curate my own handful of body and lifestyle inspiration featuring curvy Asian bloggers and influencers. Here are some of my favorite curvy Asian bloggers that fill my heart with joy to see on my dash.

Natalie Johnson from Shameless Creature

curvy asian bloggers

Natalie from the blog Shameless Creature is a badass mf who pushes boundaries with her daring dark looks. When she isn’t slaying her haters with crop tops and fishnets, she’s breaking boundaries at anime conventions.

Ragini from A Curious Fancy

Curvy Asian bloggers

Ragini is the brains and beauty behind the sweetest vintage blog I ever did see. In a world of curvy bloggers rocking urban outfits, Ragini revives my love of classic vintage looks on her style blog A Curious Fancy. Think dainty floral print dresses, stockings, and felt mid-length skirts. Her blog posts will have you driving to your closest Goodwill to find a brand used pair of clogs.


Ella from Curve Ella

Curvy asian bloggers

Ella is the curvy Asian blogger giving us ladies the latest on beauty palettes, eyeshadow primers, and more. Her blog, Curve Ella, showcases a lot of her outfit collaborations with plus size companies. Her Youtube channel will give you makeup tutorials that are short, quick, and totally do-able for even the most novice of makeup enthusiasts.

Irene from Rene Tan

curvy asian bloggers

Irene is the curvy Asian fashion blogger behind Instagram account @reneetan_. Her vibrant looks pop against the colorful walls of the towns she ventures to. Her feed will definitely give you the travel bug. Or at least the need to sip a cocktail with statement sunnies on.

Laura from Radical Body Love


Laura is the bendy babe behind social movement and body positive site Radical Body Love. She is proof that you don’t need to be small or lean to hold a crow pose. Laura’s Instagram is full of yoga asanas and sun salutations that will give you the courage to dust your yoga mat off. She offers body positive sessions, yoga classes, hoopAsana courses, and online teachings.

Dana and Stacy from Plump

Wake. Pray. Slay. Repeat. ❤️ . Tap to see our favorite beauty brands!

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Dana and Stacy are the two badass ladies that are changing the way curvy women are seen in the Philippines. They single handedly started the Self Love Club FaceBook group that empowers women daily, and wrote a book! The #TheBigFatBook is a coffee table staple.

Chubby Chinese Girl Eats

We drove to #norcia in search of the best cured meats. Happy to report, the #prosciutto was 👌and the drive was gorgeous. _______________________________________________ The devastating effects of last year’s earthquake are seen all over town. Very few shops open and even the main square had scaffolding around the church. Glad the #norcineria were open for business. We visited 4 different shops for our meat, cheese and truffle needs. We found truffle chips in one. This panino for lunch at another. Sampled some salami and sat in the sun at a cute corner stop and bought 200g of the best prosciutto I’ve ever had for the drive back at Norcia Food. Also loaded up on local truffle products. Happy to support the locals while getting our #🐷 🍄🧀#🇮🇹 fix. We hope to come back one day when the town is rebuilt again. _______________________________________________ #chubbyeatsItaly #chubbyeatsUmbria . . . . . . . . . . #panino #eater #eatfamous #foodporn #foodgasm #foodilysm #gastronogram #lovefood #beautifulcuisines #sandwich #getinmybelly #foodporn #foodstagram #lovefood #italianfood #italianeats #sonyrx100v #goodeats #lunch #foodgram #lefooding #delish #localeats

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This girl can eat. Her Instagram feed, ChubbyChineseGirleats, will leave you hungry even when you just finished off a plate of fried rice. Her adventures around the world are a testament to the local and beautiful cuisine from the cultures she’s a guest to. When she isn’t chowing down in one of New York’s latest foodie neighborhood, she’s immersing herself in the food culture internationally.

Anne from Aw my Posh!

Anne, from Aw my Posh!, is one of those curvy Asian bloggers that can do it all. Living in the city of sin she has her hand on the pulse of the beauty industry. Anne loves exploring the latest food craze to come to Las Vegas and getting out into nature for some rad hikes.

Lalaa from Lalaa Misaki

Curvy Asian bloggers

Homegirl serves up looks! Lalaa, the French model and mother behind Lalaa Misaki, uses her site as a platform to empower women to look and feel her best. She brings body positivity to the bedroom with lingerie shoots. Her outfit shots are nothing less than an Express collection quality photoshoot.

Allison from Curvy Girl Chic

asian curvy bloggers

Allison, the Asian curvy blogger behind Curvy Girl Chic, turns everyday items into date night, brunch, and holiday outfits like it’s no one’s business. When she isn’t dressing to the nines, she’s planning a wedding to her beau or traipsing around Taiwan with her best friends.

These curvy Asian bloggers bring life to my newsfeed every time I see a new travel post, plate of drool worthy food, or outfit. Check out their blog or find them on Instagram to get a glimpse into their exciting lives every day.


    1. Of course! There are so many individuals doing cool things in the plus size industry, it’s a shame that Ashley Graham seems to be the only one anyone knows of.

  1. I love this post!! I think its amazing that you are celebrating other women and their bodies. We should all be building each other up like this. Kudos!

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