Coachella Outfit Inspiration: East Adeline Floral Maxi

Last year, I did series of plus size Coachella festival outfit inspiration posts that seemed to be really helpful to my fellow boho chics.

Amongst the different bohemian style looks, was the request for more practical and comfortable Coachella options. Personally, I like to tress up my flowing clothes with some heels so I look less sloppy. But, when you are spending days on your feet in the hot sun and sand, practical shoes and comfort is important. Especially when you spent $300+ on a weekend of fun.

I kick off my comfortable Coachella outfit inspiration series this year with a floral maxi dress from East Adeline.

Coachella Outfit Inspiration: East Adeline Floral Maxi

This black and pink floral wrap maxi dress by East Adeline was a gift from Dia&Co for the holidays. Though I was too cold to wear during my trip back home in Seattle, it’s the perfect weather to wear in SoCal.

What makes this look so perfect for Coachella is a few things:

  • A long dress means you can wear fool-proof ways of preventing chafing (like bike shorts or bandalettes) and not worry about anyone seeing them
  • A large hat can help protect you from the sun and prolong the inevitable sunburn.
  • Sanuk yoga mat sandals are comfortable as FUCK.

Comfortable sandals for Coachella

During our trip to the Amalfi Coast, mom and I shared a boat with a gal wearing these plush yoga mat sandals. Of course, while we were waiting out turn to head into the blue grotto, I had to ask here where I could get such miraculous travel shoes. Luckily, Sanuk makes these sandals in a plethora of colors so that they can match any adventurer’s style.

Sanuk yoga mat sandals

Sanuk yoga mat sandals


Any time someone tells me I have too many shoes, I say ” you will spend your whole day either in your shoes or on your bed, so you may as well invest in them.” Sanuk yoga mat sandals can be the life saver your feet need to enjoy a care free good vibes Coachella festival this year.

Plus size babes have it hard enough finding cute clothes to wear foe every day. Special occasions where people are mostly naked is 10x harder to find cute outfits.

Practical bag for Coachella

I’ve also heard that finding a bag that doesn’t get in your way of dancing is hard. A lot of women are rocking the fanny pack but when you are plus size, you can’t guarantee the belt will fit around your hips. That’s why I like backpacks.

This year I have really gotten into the mini backpack trend. I am now four backpacks in, and most of them can match an occasion. My favorite being this millennial pink leather mini backpack that my friend got me while she was in the Philippines.

Keep all of your valuables safe, secure, and out of hands with a backpack for this year’s Coachella. Also check out other plus size maxi dress looks for additional Coachella inspiration.

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